How I Went Viral on Quora and Got 22 Million Content Views

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7 min readSep 20, 2021

And how you can gain an easy 22 million views with this strategy as well …

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With freelance writing growing rapidly as a side hustle for many people, many platforms are taking to further monetizing and expanding. For this reason, we are seeing so many emerging platforms such as Medium, Vocal Media, Newsbreak, and of course, the biggest one of them all, Quora involved in this growth.

Quora just recently went live with a new partner program that is relatively similar to Medium. The program which Quora introduced is called Quora +, and just like the Medium membership, it is a subscription for $5 a month which gives you access to metered/monetized stories.

As you can see, the program is quite similar to that of Medium. However, there are not very many other similarities between Quora and Medium except for the fact that people write on both platforms. Quora is question-answer-based, whereas Medium lets you write whatever you desire. Since the platforms are so different in this respect, the way in which you gain views and popularity is different.

Medium is centered on quality, more formal writing, whereas Quora is more of a casual, relaxed community. Your writing doesn’t need to be edited well to perform well on Quora. There are many ways to garner views on the platform. One of those ways is spaces, which are almost identical to publications on Medium. With spaces, you can share your answers to questions on the platform so that they reach wider audiences.

I myself created a space called One Country At a Time. After only a year, it has 319,000 followers! The space helps me a lot with gaining views. Although this sounds like a great way to gain views, there is a real hack to Quora that not very many people know.

I’ve been taking somewhat of a break from Quora for the past few months. However, before my long hiatus from the platform, I was able to do what I would consider as cracking the code to the algorithm. The strategies nearly guarantees success on the platform with numbers in the thousands, ten thousands, and hundred thousands per answer and is extremely straightforward.

The Key To The Quora Algorithm

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