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How to manage clients who are unresponsive and make the best out of the sales funnel.

Sometimes clients stop responding to your email messages. It doesn’t mean they’ve lost interest. Quite often they’re busy, they just need more time to respond and they’ll get to you soon. Or they might have a more effective tool.

Making sure clients receive messages and are receptive is an important part of the sales process. But it’s not easy when clients are not responding. Here are some ways to get more clients to respond.

As a freelancer or Sales professional, you likely meet many new clients and even some old ones on a regular basis. In this piece, I show you how to manage those clients not responding to you. It will be easier if you have a follow-up plan that helps you reach out to people and demonstrate your value rather than feeling like you are constantly missing out on valuable prospects.

No one likes to be ignored either personally or professionally but somewhere every second person is experiencing the same.

Ask Yourself; Is it a prospect or client in case of the first conversation.

Reasons for clients’ unresponsive

  1. Over occupied with their work

2. They are hardly checking emails or WhatsApp due to over-flooded messages.

3. The customer was not comfortable with the first conversation

4. Change of mind or need

5. Hold for the order

6. Attracted by the competitors’ product or service

Category Of Unresponsive Customer

Have you ever received an email or letter, signed with the ubiquitous ‘Best, Your Name’ or ‘Dear Name’, that started strong with a ‘Hey Ash,

Unresponsive customers are quite a common issue in professional life. One of the important things you must consider when dealing with such customers is the category of unresponsive customers you’re dealing with. Therefore if you’re a healthcare provider, an accountant, or a lawyer and dealing with such a customer — it’s important to know if the customer is reacting to a lack of service as a symptom of a mental disorder or that they’re just being an unresponsive customer, whom you should try to turn around

  1. someone who treats you rudely and dismissively for your credentials

2. someone who seemed interested in your qualifications or experience but suddenly turns down every attempt to work on the project

3. someone who gives you a first, but then turns down every offer after that to quit the projector doesn’t give a real reason for turning the offer down

How to ask a client if they are still interested?

How do you know if the client is still interested in your product? How often is it that they tell you they no longer want your product or service? Or, how do you know if there are any signs that the client is not satisfied with your solution?

It’s difficult to know when to ask about the next step for a customer. Making a fuss over every milestone could end up eating away at the important work that should be focused on selling more. Without a clear process, it’s hard to know if a client is still interested in pursuing your offer. Here’s some expert advice on when and how to ask about the next steps for your customers.

The question has two or three sections:

  1. Yes or no,
  2. Is it the right time to pitch them this idea?
  3. How long do they think they can give me?

Ways to get in touch with an unresponsive client

1. Patiently engage with customers by :

  • Rapo building using Yes or No questions
  • Create an urgency
  • Personal touch -ask is everything fine and well at the end
  • Open-ended questions once they connect.

2. Follow up call or meeting link invitation through the calendar.

3. Never end the first conversation before taking time for follow up to make your impact on your client.

4. Analyse your emails or messages- Did you use some bad words which make them uncomfortable. If yes feel sorry and drop a message for the inconvenience caused.

5. Keep the client updated with the new information related to your product or service.

Read and share it if you found it worthy. I am happy if you can add some more key points to the above topic or tell me which way works best for you.

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