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Laurel & Hardy

Happy Friendship Day

The Hardy Manor seemed to be offbeat from a bubble machine placed at the entrance on which Whisker the cat seemed busy blowing, hitting and attacking — practising her mouse attack drill endlessly.

The ones who escaped Whiskers attack floated in the gentle wind, and balloons drifted around aimlessly on the floor among the discarded wrapping papers. Multi-colored flags went draped haphazardly.

A monstrous cake covered in thick white icing and adorned with tiny pink roses sat in the middle of the table, surrounded by brightly colored bowls filled with food. Where Nugget the fish waited impatiently to catch a bite of everything that is on display.

Hardy kept looking at his watch, bending over his window and pounding on the ground, ending throwing curses on Laurel. This guy will never make it on time.

The jug of brightly colored juice had been struggling to all the pounding of Hardy.

Notwithstanding finally lost its balance, knocking over and formed a puddle on the floor. The tsunami juice succeeded overflowing caught Hardy slipping & siding at the main door.

Where Laurel, as usual, was creeping his way through the Whisker’s gate. He bumped his head into the elongated Hardy.

Laurel — What the hell are you doing like a roadblock?

Hardy, in slow motion, turned his head towards Laurel with a lot of laborious work as he felt bruised in several angles.

Hardy — I thought it was a better way to surprise you by going to the edge. If only I had the honor of knowing what kept you too busy on not arriving in time. Despite my best efforts; in reminding you every day for the whole past week to make it on time.

Laurel — You won’t believe me; I almost got killed.

Hardy, in a sarcastic tone, getting up, goofing over Laurels tight frame.

Hardy — So was I, But I would like to hear your excuse over mine.

Laurel seesawing himself with Hardy fighting against the gravity of motion, braved standing on the ground, making a correct angle.

Laurel — The fire alarm in the middle of the night caused me to stumble out of bed, falling on the ground. I went racing to check through my house all of a sudden; a thud noise took me back to my bedroom, where my ceiling fan was resting on my pillow with fire sparks trying to take over my bed. My fire extinguisher was in repair. I quickly pull down my pyjamas and commenced peeing till the fire demised. The whole episode guided me in late.

Hardy — Your excuses are invariably so well-manicured I have nothing to say further merely pass up.

Hardy, all of a sudden, hugs Laurel &, kisses him saying.

Photo by Anusha Barwa on Unsplash

Hardy — Happy Friendship Day. You’re my partner in crime; we’re friends until you get deaf and I get blind. Then we will spend a balanced life sitting on a corner of the road collecting alms.

Laurel responded by embracing his friend’s over-bloated body by rhyming forward.

Laurel — Friends forever anyone who reaches first to Heaven will convince God with all our deeds by blaming it entirely on others.

Hardy & Laurel gave a high five and jumping in, turning together, scrubbing their butts. Then bursting with beads of laughter beside the bubble machine, bubbles going inside their giant open mouths.

Hardy — This year, I have another plan to celebrate this day.

Laurel — Every year, I’ve been left hopeless by your plans. Your fishing plan where I nearly escaped death by getting gobbled to a crocodile. Your picnic plan on watching the food spread the vulture stood confused on his preference between us and the food. The rafting plan was where we got launched into the river with life jackets on the torso tearing into wires.

Hardy — Nah! This one is more thrilling. We will assess the depths of our friendship.

Laurel smiled like a bright bulb on hearing it and rounded up, saying.

Laurel — Do you intend to flush me down the well?

Hardy kicks his butt with full force, leaving him like a dancing bird.

Hardy — We will play a quiz about our eternal friendship.

Laurel — That’s something new, thank goodness.

Hardy rests his hands on his endless waist tapping his foot, seeming to wait for a sorry. Laurel immediately lit up in paying him a hug & kissing him, making him melt like butter.

Hardy pulled Laurel at the bar, producing two glasses of Scotch on the rocks toasting in clinking. “Friendship Forever till our teeth fade, all our hair comes off & our vision distorts in making us talk to double roles of us.”

Making a motion towards the backyard to enjoy nature accompanying with drinks & a quiz awaited that scene. Falling back on those laid back lounge chairs, Hardy could barely put his hands in his pocket ended up suffering & shuffling. Finally, arriving at the end of his pocket produced a timer. Laurel was quiet and enjoying his drink.

Setting the timer on the central table, Hardy blew a whistle as he took off.

HardyWhat is my preferred underwear color?

Laurel — Beige as you don’t believe your trouser sticking strength running on your bum crack.

They slammed a high five, laughing.

Laurel — Who do I love more, Whisker the cat, Nugget the fish or you?

Hardy — hmm, It should be me as you gifted me Whisker & Nugget.

Laurel studies Hardy’s expressions, ceased to hold ended bursting like a bubbly balloon. Hardy tugged on a pillow and started banging Laurel’s head until Hardy joined him giggling.

Hardy — How come I’ve never been married?

Laurel — As your dream was to marry a bodybuilder, but you could not catch one. Then you decided to turn into a monk where you could not discipline their animation. Finally, you wanted to kill yourself, but the rope could not hold your weight & you fell on me, crushing & rushing me to the hospital, which led to a change of heart.

Hardy winked and gave a high five with a sniffle.

Laurel — Buddy, you tell me why I didn’t marry?

Hardy — hmm, hmm, hmm. I quit; I never took the time to find out.

Laurel deceives, masking a dramatic shade.

Laurel — Oh, you stabbed me in the heart with a butcher’s knife. Though I will let you know once you finally realized to hold interest. I had a girlfriend, but all of a sudden, she engaged in gaining weight. I could not meet her in my one sight frame. I trained my eye globes in tandem to oscillate toward the extreme outside corner of my eye. Then she started sounding off; I don’t look at her anymore disappeared into thin air, leaving me to grieve.

Hardy, hearing, became numb and then looked at Laurel’s face, trying to be serious but couldn’t keep the make-up. Hardy gathering again, his cushion went endlessly on Laurel until he lifted his white handkerchief like a flag.

Laurel grabs Hardy’s hand, started dancing.

Extra Credit/Loans: Nugget the Fish, Whisker the Cat, the expired Scotch, and the Bubble Machine’s off-track performance.

Written, Directed & Produced by Diya Saini.

Hang on a little longer for laughs.




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