A poem highlighting the most precious moments in life

B. J. Vanderhoof
Be Open
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2 min readJun 30, 2021


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Sometimes it is easy to forget
How life can flow through highs and lows
Its almost like you need a big net
To catch the highs and hold them close

A day goes by so fast I think
And perhaps no thought was given time
Just like you turning on a sink
The water runs and so that’s just fine.

What if the day went rough
Or something might happen to make us cry
Or perhaps there is just too much stuff
And all we can do is let out a sigh

So whether it is simply mundane
Or if we let a bad day just dominate
We so often forget to let joy reign
What is it that causes us to hesitate

There are moments in life I say
That one simply cannot forget
These moments take our breath away
And in our mind they need to sit

The joy of a child who learns to laugh
The way that a hug from one just lasts
Their astonishment at the site of a giraffe
Why is it they grow up so fast

A young man who is a graduate
He is walking so proud and tall
A girl’s first job in management
She still remembers that job offer call

The day when two young people meet
I think that she just winked at me
Love grows with moments that can’t be beat
Did he just get down on one knee

He watches her walk down the aisle
The sight of her in that dress
Then they danced for quite a while
They hold each other in a gentle caress

A parent who holds a newborn child
And when they get to hear its first sounds
Those first few years are wild
The love in the house soon knows no bounds



B. J. Vanderhoof
Be Open

Writer and story teller who loves fantasy & science Fiction. Two published novels.