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Orderly Chaos

Chapter 10 — The Mission Ensues

An abstract image of black and white hexagons. They are glitched, so there are colorful blips of red, blue and green coming off of them.
Image by Author — “Message Unclear”

The Protagonist

I waited in front of the mall for a few hours before she came out, I was surprised she was off of work so early. I was busy playing around with the new SmartWatch I bought, along with the new phone I got. Hey, he told me to spend it, and I was $60,000 flush at the moment. Don’t judge me. If you have it, you spend it. That’s just the way it is. I decided to go and buy the most expensive meals I could possibly buy… to-go. So there I was, enjoying some filet mignon, asparagus, and garlic mashed potatoes alongside some caviar and a $1000 dollar pizza. I’m indecisive, what can I say? By the way, caviar is disgusting, 0/10. Would not recommend to anyone. If you wanna know what it tastes like, just take a spoonful of grease that was used to fry fish, throw as much sea salt on top as possible, put it in your mouth, and swallow. Bam. Caviar.

Anyway, when she came out of the mall early, I was really surprised. I quickly put everything away as fast as possible and pulled out the earpiece that Wraith had given me. It was odd, there was a jewel that looked like a diamond embedded into it. It served as the button to turn it on and off. Fancy shmancy. I saw Hope get into the car and turned the earpiece on. “Hello, Wraith?”

A female voice answered “Hello, Greed.” I was taken aback, the voice sounded strangely familiar. She seductively drew out the “o” in hello as if she was trying to seduce a man who she was going to drug and then rob for all the money and possessions he had on him. “Dom, “ I replied.

“Excuse me?”

“My name is Greedom, not Greed.”

She ignored me. “I need you to follow Hope to wherever she goes, and tell me exactly what she’s doing… and turn that radio drivel off right this instant.” I begrudgingly obliged. I like pop music. There is no shame in my game about it, either. I followed her back to her house. She didn’t live too far from the mall, thank goodness. The silence on the earpiece was getting weird. I’m pretty sure she heard me breathing hard as my adrenaline was pumping through my system. “Nothing yet,” I said to break the awkward silence.

No response. Hope pulled into her driveway and I parked a ways down the street, out of sight. She checked her mailbox and then went inside. “She just went into her house.”

“Get closer.”

My heart began to pump harder now. I was getting nervous. Who was I working for, and who is this Hope girl, anyway? I found some bushes right outside her house and jumped right in. Her blinds were open, I look inside to see what she was doing… Making dinner apparently. She didn’t seem like a drug dealer or organ harvester. I was relieved and also somewhat disappointed. I guess adrenaline really is a drug. I can see why people become adrenaline junkies. “You need to get inside. Break in somehow. There should be a window around the back that she never locks because she’s forgetful,” the woman said sternly. “Am I stealing something?” I asked.

“Her life,” she replied coldly. “You are stealing her life.”

— — — — —

This story came to me one day while I took a nap. The dream barely made sense to me while it was happening, but everything I saw and felt is described above. I began writing it out in 2020, on Facebook, as status updates. Then I realized that I should probably do the story some justice and put it out there for whoever might possibly see it to see, and not confine it to my Facebook friends list. It’s a series, and I can vividly imagine the characters and the setting in my head. I’ve decided to start publishing the parts of the story I have so far on here. I don’t know if anyone will read it, but at least I can say I put it out there. Hope never dies.

Here is Chapter 9
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©2021, Omar Imam. All rights reserved.



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