Our Speciality

Abhimanyu Kapoor
Be Open
1 min readJul 6, 2021


Photo by Y. Peyankov on Unsplash

Originality is our speciality,
a crucial part of our mentality;
it showcases who we are,
keeping us with everyone, but still afar.

It forms our identity,
who we are bound to be;
it distinguishes our personality,
bringing out the hidden creativity.

It is a good thing to take inspiration,
but do not let it cross the limitation,
after which it is called imitation.

Yes, ‘imitation is the best form of flattery,’ as stated,
it is true, for the person who is being imitated;
but for the latter who flatters there is nothing to gain,
when his searches of finding himself go in vain.

We, of our own selves, should never be critical,
and instead, embrace the fact that everyone is special;
rather than impersonating those famous superstars,
we can take inspiration and be happy with who we are.



Abhimanyu Kapoor
Be Open
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