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Diya Saini

Sep 29, 2021

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Kindergarten Inspired

Police Cops Instigates Child Games

Invariably can pull back, take up as stand up comedians

In this profile, I breed no blood connection to a police officer or close buddies, and I still need to punch their most wanted list.

Knock Knock Door Game

Malefactor — Who is this?

Police — Guess quickly, or I’ll end up peeing on your threshold.


Police — Your far-off neighbors. Bloody hell fling fast; I can’t wait for rendezvous you.


Police — Your delivery boy, you furnished me an extra hundred bucks. Make it quick.

Noise Pollutant Game

Critical meeting of the police

Senior Officer — I recently realized that we necessitate getting the sirens retired from the cars.

Junior Officer — Why is that, sir? It earns people feel protected?

Senior Officer — This triggers the sinful alert and presents it as possible to escape the scene. The entire approach with pomp & show should soften.

Junior Officer — What about non-criminals?

Senior Officer — People never detach and reflect the contrast between the ambulance, the fire engine, and the police siren.


Police Interview

Police officer — You seem to have overcome all the obstacles to get here, yet the final test still takes place here.

New Officer — Let me know whatever you would wish to know.

Police officer — Photography is an essential concealed factor for police records. Hence, I will strip like a criminal; you need to take my closeups from every angle. If you can’t captivate the correct expressions, you can pothole other officers in stripping for you.

Fast-track Car

Focus. The police officers run directed to play; hide & seek. Before dispersing the team in this activity, they should be reminded not to play amongst themselves.

A police band reaches a spot where a person seeing trivial traffic will transpire excited in racing like those formula racing cars.

1st Police Officer — let’s all scatter around the shrubs & climb trees.

2nd Police Officer — in a defensive tone, climbing trees was not part of my breeding.

3rd Police Officer — You must be absent that day. No problem, go preceding picking a bush?

4th Police Officer — There are loads of mosquitoes sampling on my blood.

1st Police Officer — What the hell you knew before walking out for this drill? We all demand to apply mosquito repellant, sunscreen lotion & sip on cough syrup to have a clear cut voice.

Alcohol Test

The police car waiting outside a bar sees a drunk guy moving in slow motion to his car.

Police Officer — Sir, you cannot drive the vehicle. You are under the influence of extreme alcohol consumption where your senses have quit squandered in the bar.

Man — Who told you I’m planning to ride the car. I borrowed a car from my boyfriend, who’s still plastered at the bar. Thus, I can proceed to sleep in it.

The police car awaits a dissection, where drunks cannot avoid this route.

Police officer — Please stop the vehicle for an examination with this breath analyzer.

Man whoof whoof whoof.

Police Officer — With drinks, you didn’t feed anything. Breathe with all the strength.

Man whoof whoof whoof.

Police Officer — Hold Up! Vegetarian or Non- Vegetarian.

The astonished man, I love non-vegetarian. Before he could finish, the cop shoved a grilled chicken thigh into his mouth. Dictating draw over your proteins before you gasp again.

Law Enforcement Partnership

Senior Police — The partnership with dogs in solving cases needs to receive a facelift, as criminals don’t take our friends seriously as they have gone shackled as pets in each home. We need to have the partnership reinstated with wild animals where the terror factor plays a significant role in the criminal psyche.

The other officers signalled you have a cause to consider.

One Said — Hippopotamus

Second Said — Rhinosaur

Third Said — An officer disguised as a Lion to be an undercover cop

Everybody applauded with happiness.

I’m waiting for the day when the cops start vocalizing defrost in a felony after saying freeze. As in the whole act, they bloody forget this critical point.

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