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Self-care habits I inculcated this year for my productive life routine

What do you think about self-care? Why is it important to you?

Self-care habits

Self-care is anything you do to feel special, love, and care for yourself. Every person has different practices or activities in self-care. Usually, self-care is the most important but most ignorant matter we noticed.

I’ve been in a constant battle to keep my foot on the desk while working full time. Working and taking care of myself were two tasks I couldn’t seem to balance, but I’ve really tried to listen to my body this year and make changes that ended up changing my life.

In my firsthand experience, taking a few minutes for yourself is the blood-pumping pause button. I need to remember how big and beautiful the world is. Find what works for you and make a plan to put yourself first.

“Do something every day that is loving toward your body and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sensations of your body.”

I’m sharing some habits I inculcate to make myself towards self-care.

1. Prioritize sleep

In our hectic life, we never take our sleep cycle seriously. It's better to make your bedtime life routine. Our lifestyle will move in a positive direction if we understand our body clock and live accordingly. I adopted a 1hour Free zone from access to electronic media before my bedtime. Nowadays, the sleep feature is available on phones also to track it properly.

2. Schedule quiet time

enjoy the peace

Sometimes quiet time is necessary for self-awareness and breaks to increase our efficiency to enjoy the peace, at the moment to live it. All of us know its importance but made the mistake of not making a schedule for it. I scheduled my quiet time to recharge myself and enjoy myself more. It's up to you want to schedule it once or twice a week and so on.

3. Reading

For me, reading is more powerful than other entertainment. Help us know and learn new things.15 min per day takes me somewhere. Last year, I combined reading 15min with the habit of journaling. I could read 10 books in the year which I thought was impossible for me. Trust me guys, you can feel the difference between your personality and lifestyle.

4. Pamper yourself

Pampering is all about doing something which makes you happy. It not only relaxes our mind and body, but it will make us happy from the inside. It can be another way of self-care and self-love.

5. The habit of self-reflection

We always think of making our comparisons with others without checking to have a common basis. As a result, it not only gives us wrong expectations but also lowers our morale and confidence. Self-reflection is a fair way of comparing yourself in the present to yourself in the past.

Am I better today as compared to yesterday?

6. Make connections, keep connections

Maintain networking

It’s better if we give valuable time to maintain our connections with special and loved one's weekly, at least. Keeping connections is much more important than making new connections. I tried this last year and really makes my life different. Connections affect our life much either personally or professionally? So give them the special space and value they deserve.

7. Self-love affirmations


Uplifting yourself by practicing self-love affirmations is the best way of healing. It strengthens your value and reduces the value of panic and stress. It makes you deserving in your own eyes.

8. Practice active listening

Active Listening is a mind tool. I had applied for this good practice of active listening a year ago and could feel the same. First, demarcate between active and focused listening. Focus listener shifts to the active listener by following the simple process: focus on speakers’ voice and words; make interpretations of it; confirm the speaker’s intent and validate your understanding with the above interpretation.

9. Recognize your new talents and skills

sharpen your skills

Self-care doesn’t mean sharpening the skills you have. For me, it also includes recognizing our own skills and talents and that is possible only when we explore new things or get a piece of knowledge about any area which is new for us. I realized that when I get a time in lockdown, I could find new interests and skills on which I can work and become a master of that.


Self-care is an important ingredient of our own personalities.

Activities and habits attached to self-care help a lot to gain your inner-self.

Self care isn't being selfish.

Happy Reading




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