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Sit with me

A poem

Photo by Harli Marten on Unsplash

I see you fidgeting
I see you wondering
I see you twisting your hands looking for what to do.

I see you searching for the right words
I see you trying to do the right thing
I would have laughed if I wasn’t in such pain.

Come, come closer
Sit with me, sit with me friend
Yes, I know you would like to do something, but for now just sit.

I can almost see the questions
Running amok in your mind
You would like to alleviate my pain, to make me feel better, but that power is not yours.

You cannot be a barrier
You cannot be a shield
Even with all your determination, you cannot cast away this suffering.

There is nothing you can do, but you can Be
I need you to Be
Be there, Be present, Be close.

Will you do that? Come closer and sit with me?
Will you dwell with me under the darkest sky I have yet to face?
Will you silently hold an umbrella above me while this heavy rain pours?

Hold my hand while I try to take all this pain in
Hold my hand while I try to figure out what to do next
Hold my hand while I am overcome with wave after wave of pain.

Hold my hand while I am in denial
Hold my hand while I do my best to pretend
Hold my hand, while I lose this battle with the pain, and new tears flow.

Photo by Lyyfe Williams on Unsplash

You wish you could do more?What is more than the gift of your presence when I can feel their absence?
You are uncomfortable doing so little? Your presence brings me comfort.

Sit with me friend, dearest one, hold me tight
Do not let me go, I beg of you
Do not let me drown into this sea of indescribable pain.

Hold me tight
Do not let me drift away
where my mind wonders what it’s like to not suffer anymore.

Sit with me beloved
Let me drown your shirt with my tears
Let me hold your hands
they remind me of the ones I will never get to hold again.

While I lie down on this floor, While I try to get my head around this new reality
Be a reminder of how good life was, a rock in this storm and the promise of a clear sky after the hurricane.

Are you still thinking of your presence as being of little value?
You bring me warmth in the middle of this cold season
You lend me your light amid the midnight hour.

You bestow upon me the greatest gift you could have given me, your presence.
You are enough, you are more than enough
So, loved one, will you sit with me?



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