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Thrilling Or Killing

Thank You, Earth! For Turning Me Into Such A Crook

Knock knock knock

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Knock Knock Knock

Me — Who the hell is this time of night? I’m not opening the door until you authenticate yourself?

Devil — It’s me.

Me — What’s that supposed to mean? That’s an overly broad response.

Devil — Once you open it, will you recognize me?

Me — Strangely, your voice seems familiar to me. Nevertheless, it’s not enough reason to open at this unearthly hour. Could you give me a name or a line of evidence?

Devil — -You just masturbated before I knocked on the door.

Me — ugh! How did you find out? Hell, you were spying in my bathroom.

Devil — The windows of your toilet are blind, and no one can see through.

Me — You sound like you know a lot about me.

Hold on, let’s see who you are. I don’t entertain my ex-lovers.

The Devil and Me facing each other

I — You look exactly like me. My goodness, you cloned yourself to me.

I’m not a lesbian. Not enamored by my looks where I would love to see myself in a double role & having you around will make me feel how erroneous I’m as a person.

Devil — What nonsense when you are born, a blueprint saved in God’s promised land. When your time, stands over on Earth, we proceed deputed to get you by hook or crook.

Me — Is there any way we can hold over my stay by bribing you, challenging you or making you a prisoner.

Devil — No way. If I don’t take you, I will have to overcompensate for your absence & go through the undivided punishment.

I — You have intrigued me. How do you clean up your mess?

Devil — The defaulters transformed into pinwheels. The other blueprints told exclusively to fart on the pinwheel unusually strong that one circuit per person concluded. The population of Earth is ceaseless. Therefore, you can understand in hell. You are institutionalized to a more resounding hell forever.

Me — That means I do have a small window of opportunity.

The Devil snaps her fingers like she’s accustomed to music. I suppose we both like something as a habit, exactly not snapping fingers I prefer instead of rotating like a washing machine spinner.

Me — I can challenge you to a duel if you gain ground. I will go with you or will allow me in buying time to remain on Earth.

The Devil gave it a thought said,” That you couldn’t win anyways. Let’s try. I know the stakes are high. Nevertheless, I know you endure no luck.”

Me — Shoved in giving three fingers under her nose, chose one.

She picked the furthest one.

I snapped off the silence, yeah, the Animal Dance Moves.

Anyhow, all three were the same. I wanted her to feel powerful.

I — You can choose any animal to demonstrate its dance moves. We shall do this one by one; the other end by naming the beast. I hope it sounds reasonable to you.

My blueprint seemed somewhere in between confident & overconfident.

She began toying around on the floor in slow motion. I instantly told her turtle dance. Her innocence made me realize that this is who we are. The ways of animation on Earth make us corrupt. With whom I was about to suck her off.

I started the stoat dance that involves running and bouncing around in a zigzag pattern to hypnotize its prey. That was my blueprint. Then, while my target was distracted, I got closer and closer unless I, with my garden spade, pinning down, ready to whip out until I could hear surrender.

My blueprint: Do you have such kinds of creatures who dance like that? I nodded my head, and she went away peacefully.

I reflected on how corrupt has Earth made me. If I were she would have contended with her till the last breath till I scored over her.

Thank You, Earth! For turning me into such a crook.



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