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The Attempted Murder of Dora

Episode 4 for Dora’s Travesty of Justice

Credited to Unsplash The picture depicts Dora’s Attempted Murder

Donald’s anger, rage and fear filled Dora’s first twenty years. Before her marriage in 1974, Dora confided about her abusive situation to her future mother-in-law, Priscilla Lucifer who condoned Donald’s behavior (beatings, rage and abuse). Donald told Dora that Mauricio, his father tried to run him over with a car, his mother didn’t ever want to…




Here you can publish stories and feelings about anything; relationship, nature, sexuality, life and many more from real and honest perspective. Our motto: Write just the way you are. It’s okay to be imperfect. Don’t worry to be different. We all respect your opinion.

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Robbi K. Mark, SR ED-BOP

Robbi K. Mark, SR ED-BOP

BE OPEN PUB/ret ESL EDU-love to write & learn/smells the roses/like to hike&travel w/my muse/Greek Travel writer gone eclectic/Creator-Dora’s Series

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