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The Seductive Art of Communication


Photo by Jasmin Chew on Unsplash

The art of communication is a language. In me, I see a learner and a teacher.

Selfless communication

2017, Ioannina of Greece, region of Epirus. I was transfixed by the speaker of the seminar. She was explaining about hyperactivity in preschool years. The main point was the route of communication. We, the students in the audience, were learning from an educated incredible woman how to help the parents that will help their children. It is a cycle of listening, processing, and providing.

2020, another colder part of Greece. I was watching a man explain how people with hearing problems can be helped around town. Selflessly, this man was taking the time to teach 200 young people how to make a change and include others. He was including us.

2021, Belgium, Ghent. I sat across a brilliant person and spend a few seconds hearing him talk about the endless universe. Yes, it really is. I asked questions. I had very simple questions and I observed his security in his words. His hands moved to include a shape of the world. Of what he was saying. He was making a circle, keeping me reigned in.

Teaching, giving what you know, is a selfless, gentle act. There you go, I am happy to transport you to a different place in the world. Join me for a few minutes. Give a little, take a little. Ask me plenty.

The cut of communication

Friendships. One of my wishes for this year is genuine, loving friendships. Let the love overrun the pot and laugh about it. Women getting together and cooking; let me in in that space. Let me in the act of loving the present.

Often, it has been me. I lack the tools of communication. Oh, what will they think of me? I turn into a wildflower without a mouth.

But, moreover.. communication is saying no. To be told to a friend. To establish the precision of your boundaries. Oh, what an honor it could have been. What an honor it is becoming.
I say nos to friendships that don’t serve me now. No, I don’t like you in my space. No, we have grown apart and it’s okay. No, I don’t wish to do that. No. Thank you. Be well.

Higher communication

In the cold month of December, as usual, I hit a rough spot (I am turning into a mountain from all the practice with rough spots). For the first time, I gave in to the soul’s trust and stopped attending traditional psychotherapy.

I learned to observe myself without judgment. To listen, give love as I’d do for a friend. When it was time to write down the words I accept you, you are complete, I couldn’t do it. It’s difficult to say the words. It’s not easy to talk to yourself with understanding.

Meditating with unbrushed hair as the mind run amock turned out a rewarding challenge. Have you ever whispered unbothered it’s okay, carry on, to your inner child? I hear you.

Communication is a craft. It makes me see deeper into others, the different forms they carry, the friend, the teacher, the astrophysicist, the musician. I am in a space where I can get to know them. And when I speak, they realize there is more to me, too. We are in this cycle to live, love, and make something worthwhile.



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