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Tripping on Opium

Fire with Snow

Photo by Blake Verdoorn on Unsplash

I met the I Ching master in a little hut just outside of Chiang Mai. His conical hat reminded us of rice paddies, women with bundles of flowers and the opium poppies growing profusely. He spun the coins in the air like a true wise master giving out prophesies. My sister Louisa held onto them next as I thought of the query. After a good hour we all sat back as Feng Mian, our host retrieved from behind a bamboo made…




Here you can publish stories and feelings about anything; relationship, nature, sexuality, life and many more from real and honest perspective. Our motto: Write just the way you are. It’s okay to be imperfect. Don’t worry to be different. We all respect your opinion.

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Mimi Bordeaux

Mimi Bordeaux

Renegade of prose_+ creation of the troubled mentor-= abyss sinking memory flowing through subconscious mind: it's the dreamland coming:+

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