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What is Obeah?

The Secret Religion of the West Indies

Obeah: A particular sorcery practiced in the West Indies, derived from numerous African, Native American, and European cultures and religions.

Unlike Haitian Voudou and Juju, the generic label for African magic on the continent, Obeah is not as famous. Similar to its cousin in the Black American South, it is a folk religion practiced in much of…



Here you can publish stories and feelings about anything; relationship, nature, sexuality, life and many more from real and honest perspective. Our motto: Write just the way you are. It’s okay to be imperfect. Don’t worry to be different. We all respect your opinion.

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West Indian 🇬🇾🇬🇩. New Yorker. I write when I feel called to do so. Check out my book, “Radiance Lost” on Amazon and my podcast, "Parrotbeetie".