How to be productive

Getting things done when there are so many things

4 Actionable Tips for Increasing Your Twitter Followers

You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to eventually have great following. 

Why we ditched Wordpress and moved to Medium

3 reasons to switch your blog cms

Yesterday, I posted my first article on our company blog. It took me 3 hours to…

Can I Learn to Code? An Update

Boomers & Technology, Part 2

Update: 11/17/13

After publishing “Can I Learn to Code?,” I started wondering more about the why of my struggles with learning any aspect of programming/coding. On one of the posts in Medium, I’d read some advice that mentioned the importance of having something to do, using your skills to…

F**k It: I’m Calling Someone

It’s happening again. Something is wrong with the heating in my living room. The electrical breaker keeps tripping when I turn up the thermostat. A normal person…

How to Localize Your App

Be a Roman Boss, Not a Viking Raider

The Romans would have built phenomenal technology companies. Why? Because they knew how to expand and

Life is Confusing..!

Everything has a two sides.

Life is really confusing every single things that exists on earth have two sides.People will give you lots of advices

The World Goes On

On taking a day off and ego deflation.

When you have a lot on your plate, it’s hard to take a day off. If nobody does that thing, how is it going…

Stop…Think…then Act!

the other way around doesn’t always work…

The pace of life, ever increasing in speed. The complexity of things and intricacies of often…

The Learning Organization

Autonomy is the Purpose

“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and…

Why Product Launches Still Matter

The media reaction to the recent Apple Launch has been a joy to witness. Self-confessed ‘experts’ have labelled it as everything from the dawn of a new…

Create more than you consume 

But it’s how you consume that’s vital to creative inspiration

A few nights ago, I did something for the first time in my life.

Just do it

The Secret of the Universe.

If you are like me and you actually care about your life, even just a little, you probably have read a few books and researched…

Why I Don’t Check Facebook Till 6PM

Systems over Discipline

Not impressed.

I hadn’t accomplished anything that day; instead, I was on the edge…

Creative Crisis

Creative crisis is a dead end of a senseless way.

Let’s make a simple experiment. Let’s say aloud all the words we know (or ask your friend to do so…

The daily productivity cycle

There’s a point in the day when you achieve peak-performance. This is mine. What’s yours?

The 80% principle

A principle for life and work

On Okinawa Island there are a lot of people over the age of 100; 3x more than in the United States. Many have wondered…

Creativity needs to be dangerous and unpredictable.

When everything becomes a little too comfortable and controlled, it’s easy to produce work that’s devoid of…

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How to be productive
How to be productive

Getting things done when there are so many things

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