When You Have to Grieve the Death of Your Life’s Dream

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Harlyn Hannah
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Throughout the course of our life every one of us has to grieve the loss of a life’s dream.

It is a different experience for each of us. But at some point in our lifetime we have had to deal with the loss of a future dream, something we desired and longed to achieve. Something we were strongly attached to emotionally.

That a life dream we once had, possibly for a very long time, is, in fact, dead. Oftentimes, it feels like losing a loved one in our life.

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  • For the high school student who was rejected from their dream college, they have been planning to go to since forever and now does not know their life plan
  • For the woman who has always dreamt of being a mother since she was a little girl, only to find out she is unable to have children
  • For the entrepreneur whose business has failed and is forced to close the business for good
  • For the athlete or dancer who has suffered a career-ending injury and can no longer play the sport or dance that they live for and love
  • For the spouse, after years of marriage, has been told by their partner they want a divorce and have someone else they are in love with
  • For the spouse who has received the news that their partner has a degenerative disease or terminal illness and the future plans and dreams of a retirement and enjoying old age together are now precariously in jeopardy

These are just some examples of a life’s dream that has ended. Every one of us has our own story, our own testimony, of our life’s dream that is now dead. And unlike some things that can be resurrected and tried again, some life dreams are gone for good.

It is a painful realization we are forced to face especially when we did not see it coming. We feel unequipped to deal with and process it. We feel stuck in the grieving. We do not know how to move forward. It is a devastating blow. We are unable to see the trajectory forward.

What do we do?

The only way out is through.

We must come to terms with it slowly, one day at a time. Journaling what we are feeling. Writing out what we are experiencing and grieving can be therapeutic to the soul. Talking to a trusted friend or a professional about what we are going through and the reason it hurts. Being gentle with ourselves, giving ourselves some extra TLC while we are going through the grieving process.

And then…

We dream a new dream. We dream of a new chapter for ourselves. We dream of a new purpose for our lives and create a new inspiration for our why.

The death of one dream can be the birth of a brand-new dream for us to live for. We keep the Faith, and we move forward, one step at a time, one day forward at a time.

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