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Women Wednesday | Nadine Heir

Blink and you might miss her…

This week, we are delighted to interview Nadine Heir. Nadine is a super-talented copywriter. She is currently a Senior Copywriter at believe-the-hype co-working and office space company, WeWork. We love the collaborative spaces they are creating, especially here in Mexico City.

We are also honoured to have Nadine contibrute to the team at BE School. Orignally from the UK and having lived in Spain for a decade, Nadine is the epitome of a bilingual adventurer!

BE: So, how was that for an intro Nadine?

Nadine: I’m flattered! Thanks. I’m blushing. Shall we get on with the interview?

BE: Okay! If you could change one thing in your life what would it be?

Nadine: I’d travel more.

BE: Seriously!? We can’t keep up with you!

Nadine: Yep. Despite having lived in this country since graduating, work commitments have meant I’ve seen very little of it. People are always shocked I haven’t been to Cancun in six years when lots of my friends from England have been there on holiday! I’m changing that in 2018 at least, Cancun and Oaxaca are first on my list.

BE: You MUST get to Cancun. The pacific air in Oaxaca is pretty special too. So what about home, where is your favourite place to go in Mexico City?

Nadine: Well, weaving through crowds isn’t my strong point, so I like places that aren’t too busy. Cárcamo de Dolores is a quiet part of Chapultepec Park that not many people visit on the weekend. It’s where you can see the only subaquatic mural in the world, a huge mosaic statue of the Aztec god of rain, Tlaloc, and the pumping sump that supplies the city’s drinking water.

The Underwater Mural at Chapultepec Park

The Cárcamo has sentimental value for me but what I like is the fact that people play football of the reservoirs which are covered by grass mounds and circled by snakes carved out of stone.

People in the city are really good at taking advantage of open spaces created for their use. It’s easy to run into senior dancers getting together to practice in the fresh air, performers juggling torches or teens taking martial arts classes in parks. The people that live here are generally great at making the most of the small amount of space we all have to share!

BE: Wow. We haven’t explored enough. That was beatiful. What is your definition of success?

Nadine Heir

Nadine: Being in a position to empower discriminated groups, which sounds easy! But while everyone can do this to a certain extent, I think success is when you gain enough support, recognition and access to platforms where you can communicate your message to a significant group of people. Success in my mind is when your example can be seen and felt, and then it’s really important you set a good example.

BE: We couldn’t agree more. Okay, here’s a fun one. If you could have one superpower what would it be and why?

Nadine: I think I would want super-fast reactions, so I could viably work as a F1 driver, or simply catch whatever I drop before it hits the floor! My phone would be in much better conditions…

BE: Your cracked screen is an abomination! So, finally, why is it important to be bilingual today?

I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to work at WeWork if I weren’t bilingual. While 99% of my work is in Spanish, talking to colleagues all around the world means nobody can get by without a high level of English. It took a long time to reach the point I could call myself bilingual but it’s worth it for the jobs it opens up and the people you get to connect with. Once you can handle conversation beyond the standard chitchat about the weather and food in Mexico you learn about much deeper-rooted cultures and perceptions. Ultimately languages multiply the number of potential friends and professional contacts you can have.

BE: We are so glad you persevered. We love having you here in Mexico City. Okay, shall we go and do some handstands in the park?

Nadine: Sure. But only if you hold my ice cream!



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