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Foxy AI Update and v1.3 Release

Vin Vomero
May 23, 2019 · 2 min read

Foxy AI has been hard at work forging new partnerships, adding new features, and building feedback loops to continuously improve our existing models.

Several of our customers expressed their need for a more end-to-end solution than what house2vec offered. After much collaboration, we decided boiling house2vec down to a single score, based on Fannie Mae’s quality and condition scoring, would provide the most value to the end user. This score, the “Foxy Condition Score”, is built on the raw data from our proprietary house2vec CNN and input from industry professionals.

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Although the Foxy Condition Score has already been through several pilots and is now used in production, our biggest announcement is the public release of this exciting new tool.

This endpoint scores the quality and condition of residential real estate in a set of property photos allowing for consistent, accurate, and automated condition scoring. We also break this score down into several convenient categories to provide greater transparency into the quality and condition of the property.

I am commonly asked if the Foxy Condition Score works for multifamily property and condos. The answer is YES! Although the type of dwelling is different, levels of quality and condition are generally consistent across dwelling types.

The Foxy Condition Score works well nationally and we continue to fine-tune this model with each new customer we onboard and feedback loop we build.

What's Next?

Check back soon for announcements on several new features and partnerships.

Foxy AI is the leader in computer vision applications for real estate. If you are interested in discussing the use of computer vision in your business, don’t hesitate to contact me at

By Vin Vomero, Founder

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