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Visual Property Intelligence

What Is The True Value of AI?

Vin Vomero
Dec 12, 2019 · 2 min read

Yesterday, I was having a very engaging call with a prospect who brought up something I had never considered before.

We were discussing the use of Foxy AI’s computer vision tools for saving time in her workflow when she mentioned a concept I had not previously considered. That concept is task switching, also known as set-shifting.

The concept states that switching from task A to task B not only incurs a time cost, the time it takes to complete task B, but it also incurs a switch cost.

“This disruption is characterized by a slower performance and decrease in accuracy on a given task A on a trial that follows the performance of a different task B… The difference in accuracy and performance between [the original task] and a task switch (A-B) is known as the switch cost.”

Often, the time it takes for your brain to get back to performing task A at the same level as before the switch is much longer than the time cost.

She stated that the time saved by automating task B, maybe 30 seconds, isn’t where the real value lies. The value lies in not having to switch to task B at all, and therefore not incurring a hefty switch cost.

The switch cost is why multitasking is less productive than remaining focused on a single task. We have all felt the feeling of a flow state or being in the zone. You are locked in, performing at a very high level.

Any tools we can use to avoid switching to another task are of exceptionally high value and in many cases, the switch cost savings should be considered first and the time cost savings second.

Foxy AI is the leader in Visual Property Intelligence. If you are interested in discussing the use of computer vision in real estate, don’t hesitate to contact me at

By Vin Vomero, Founder and CEO

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