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Be Unique

Discovering Your True Self

Photography by Saanya Khunger

How indispensable it is to discover ourselves, yet so many of us deny listening to the truth and follow what is pleasant to our heart and others’ ears.

Prioritizing what seems important to do in life over introspecting within themselves is what most people do without realizing what a staggering danger it is to live without truly knowing themselves.

Walking on the road of life, we aim to make progress each day but what progress is it if it means not having a firm grip on who we really are?

I think we’ve all been there at some point in our lives when we start introspecting and question if we really know ourselves. Do we though? I think not.

It’s not just merely knowing what one’s interests are and what one aims to do in life but it’s a personal journey which helps you in not only discovering your true self but breaking down and shedding all layers you put on in front of the world as a show.

If you haven’t discovered your true self yet, this is your time. Your time to get past your petrifying fears and explore all that you’ve put on hold for the future which no one knows about. Knowing your story is how you start.

Are you brave enough to explore your past and to analyze from where you started?

Self-understanding, comprehension of past actions, and realization are the solitary ways to get insights into how we have been in the past and the impetus behind it. Once you make peace with the person you were and what went wrong, you subsequently realize how it can be ameliorated.

Bound by the expectations of the world, we never really act like we wish to and lose our true essence in the process. A clear distinction between what we actually want and what is expected out of us only gives us the clarity to introspect.

It’s time to let go of the constant complaints and the victimized thoughts that seem to vanquish the positivity in you. To have a break from the past, you need to get out of your comfort and fetch what you desire.

Putting yourself first isn’t selfish, and if anyone around you feels that way, you know that’s the negativity pushing you off track. Have faith in yourself. Take a respite from the world and build on your confidence and strive for what seems appropriate to you, and just you.

Find your flaws and instead of self-criticism, follow the steps of self-assessment and look out for your mental peace. The moment you start believing you’ve got all of it is the time when you start building onto what’s around you.

Having the right people around you inspires you to be true to yourself and others. Be generous, love with your whole heart, help when someone is in need and value the relationships you hold with the people.

You’re not self-oriented if you wish to focus a little more on yourself and discover what’s best for you.

What we genuinely need in this world is to find ourselves and be the best version of it.

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