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Emotional Break down: How heavy is your Emotional baggage?

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The primary cause of many depressions and periodic anxieties is the refusal of letting go of our emotional burden from our everyday lives. Even though we tell everyone, we always pursue freedom and independence we are still chained to the thoughts of our past, the failure we cannot forget, the betrayal from our exes.

We carry this big bag on our shoulders refusing to let it go and ending up depressed, frustrated, burdened, overwhelmed all at once finally ending in the paralysis of our mind and heart.

Once two Buddhist monks were off to a long journey, they carried on their trip with happiness as they were off to meet a well-respected teacher in the next village.

It started raining, and the path of their travel was soon filled with, but the persistent monks continued the journey without hesitation.

Soon they reached a small puddle of water which they had to cross, to carry forward their journey, now comes the twist in the story,

A lovely maiden was standing on the edge of the water puddle who too wanted to cross and move to the other side, but the beautiful maiden cannot afford to ruin the expensive dress she somehow had to find a solution to cross the water puddle.

One of the Buddhist monks understanding the gravity of the situation proposed to carry the maiden in his shoulders and drop her off the other side.

The beautiful maiden cannot regret the help offered by the monk happily got on to the shoulders and got ready for the task. The other Buddhist monk was purely puzzled at the happening and remained a mute spectator for this drama that his friend is directing now.

The maiden after the crossing of the water puddle got down, and the monks carried forward their journey. There were no conversations between the two till they reached a shelter to take rest for the night time.

The happy monk asked the another why he was silent and what’s wrong with him?

The other started blasting his monk friend with questions

What’s wrong with you? Don’t you know that we are celibate and should never touch a woman?
I really thought that you are a genuine monk but the deed that you have committed is against all the Buddhist principles that we had learned.
How can I tell our teacher the sin what you have committed?

The happy monk Just asked him “ I left the woman on the other side of the water puddle and continued the journey but why are you still carrying her?”

This question can definitely ring a big bell in our minds, are we the same monk who is still carrying the burden even after we have dropped the maiden?

We as human beings make our life miserable by carrying over our thought even after the incident, or the situation is passed.

Do we still carry the fights we have fought a month back?

Do we still feel the thought of betrayal of our enemy even after he moved from us?
Are we still being followed by the shadows of our past?
Is the pain of your childhood still lurking within us?

“Sometimes the past should be abandoned, yes. Life is a journey, and you can’t carry everything with you. Only the good baggage.” ~Ha Jin

Steps to unburden ourselves:
Time to throw your childhood Emotional abuse into the garbage. Understand what is pulling you down, what negative weight are you still carrying? understand it, now is the time to let go and break those chains!.

“Try to identify at least one positive emotion out of your negative burden. In this way, your adversity can be an excellent lesson to move on and continue your journey of Life. Emotional detachment I the key to happiness.”

Question your Emotions:

Understand the power of Patience and persistence, remind yourself constantly that you are more potent than your burdensome thoughts and the backpack can be removed and its time to take a break in your journey.

Identify your wounds and scars that were left from your past, all your scars, in turn, will teach a great lesson to every person and its time to rewrite your sad stories.

“Emotional breakdown can only be overcome by introspection and only you, and you alone have to power to do the baggage check.”

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