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Hope and Fear

Clicked by the Author - Saanya Khunger

Hope is the thing with feathers.

We all believe it blindly when we wish to anticipate the future we don’t know anything about. It does work temporarily.

Hope. Optimism. Positivity.

When you’re hopeful about something, your surroundings expand with ideas for how hope could gain more momentum. After all, hope is all we have, no?

While we are busy being thoughtful about how things shall work out, we’re struck by the thought of another ‘what if’. What if things don’t work out?

Fear. Pessimism. Fright.

Suddenly, the calm optimistic mind becomes vigilant and constricts to focus entirely on the negative. That’s the power we let some abstracts hold in our lives.

We let ourselves be guided and dictated by hope and fear so often that we fail to realise it. We hope to have all the possible success in the world and concurrently, fear being a failure in life.

How does hope help and when does it become hopeless? Does fear restrict us from achieving things or make us work for it?

Hope is the ray of sunshine in profound tenebrosity. It makes us sanguine and we hope for the best outcome. Our numbered days on earth can either be spent ‘hoping and waiting’ or ‘acting and living’. Exactly when you know it’s unachievable, it’s hopeless to believe that it would happen.

Miracles happen but again, what are the odds? It’s despairing when you know there is no upshot and it only depreciates your mental health.

Fear, on the other hand, restricts you at first. The aversion persists and scares you until you’re ready to take action to change the outcome. It’s humane to not want to lose but what happens when we wish so? We instantly grow afraid of that loss. We’re duping ourselves to be guided by the insecure sense of ‘what if’. It either kills us inside or drives us to achieve things.

You fear when you hope. You hope when you fear. Uncertainty leads to the coincidence of fear and hope. It’s inevitable.

We are usually so petrified about losing someone we love but we still hold on. Why? We hand over a loaded gun to them hoping they won’t pull the trigger. We hope they won’t hurt us. And the fear? It still endures.

Now, the question is ‘Do we hope or do we stay fearful?

When you fear something in life, you’re well aware of what you’ve got to lose. You’re afraid of losing it.

Once you know what’s at stake, hope gives you the contentment that things will be just fine and gives you the little push to work for it.

While fear tells you that darkness persists, hope indicates that there’s a ray of sunshine even in the darkness and coerces you to find a way out of it.

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