A Pi Poem

Karen Brenchley
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2 min readMar 9, 2020


Love Song to an Uncertain Future

I’ve encountered that
implied, inherent, even promised.
never sought. Not a gift.
The peaches I have dared lie eaten, sticky memories,
blue ribbons
molding in a muddy cardboard box.
What do I dare as
my next peach?
So little time to claim
between this morning’s aches and when I join

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The Definition of a Pi Poem

March 14 is Pi Day, so in honor of the occasion you can write a poem based on the digits in pi. Some people think the digits of pi are only 3.1415, but the numbers go on infinitely, without any pattern among the digits. While this may trouble mathematicians, we’re going to use it to our gain.

A Pi Poem is…

One form of a pi poem is called the cadae, which limits the poet to the first five digits of pi and ignores the other aspects of its value. The definition for my type of pi poem is:

  1. Each line of the poem must contain the number of…



Karen Brenchley
Be Unique

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