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“It will always be your choice. Your choice to fight. Your choice to live. Which path to walk and what battle to fight” — a girl who survived.

“The world is not gonna stop if you stop trying or if you stop fighting. The world and the people around you, even your friends and love ones, they will keep going, with or without you. You choose. Either you keep moving and fight with them, or just give up by yourself. Alone.”

These renowned words from a dying person keeps haunting me, pulling me away far from giving up, from destroying my life, from just letting the wind take me to nowhere. No destinations. No directions. This man gave me so many purposes and motivations to move forward and destroy my secret Plan B which is to just give up when you can’t handle it anymore.

His words took me to the right path. That’s why I’m still here, writing and inspiring. I want to tell everyone what I’ve learned to this man. I want to tell the world that giving up is never an option. That pulling the trigger will not gonna end what you’ve been struggling. That jumping off the deep hole will not gonna take away the weights you’ve been carrying, it will just gonna make things worst.

Some people say that if you have the reasons to give up, sure do there much more reasons not to. That there are enough aims to move forward, to keep moving and to never stop fighting, no matter what. No matter what.

His perspectives put a big marks and words in my head that “giving up is not even an option”. I really do appreciate this man for his optimism, but sometimes there are things that are just beyond our control and we have no choice but to shut even the tiniest faith in our heart and let the disappointments, failures, and anger take care of the rest.

We all know that it was so easy to give and listen to other people’s advice, but it was so hard to apply it and put it into life. Because the world is not the cruel one, people are. That’s the harsh truth.

“We live in an unbalanced world. The thing is, would you let this unbalance shake you in a bad way and consume you? Or would you fight and beat the hell out of it? You choose.”

And the question is, how? Okay, let’s figure it out.

Know the Harsh Truth: Filthy Side Of The People

“We all have skeletons inside of our home closet.”

We live in a world where if you say the wrong answer in class, you get laughed at. If you dress a certain way, you get looked at. If your grades are not as good as the others, you’re stupid. Guess what? You’re not, because they were.

We live in a world where people say “you need to eat more” because you look thin and unhealthy. Or “you need to lose weight” because you’re too fat to fit.

We live in a world where people got scared because of different traumas they’ve got from different people and different circumstances. We live in a world where people laugh at black people because guess what? They are black. I mean, I can’t even see any reasons what is the problem with black people. Racism is not even a mandatory word for me, it only existed because racist were made. In short, people are the real problem. People are the reasons why “bad words” exists.

We live in a world that if you don’t know what to do with your life, you won’t have one. That if you shop at Walmart, you’re an instant ghetto. That if you made out with a guy, you’re a whore, but if you haven’t kissed any? you’re a prude. We live in a system where if you are not a part of any circle, you’re a basic loser.

We live in a world where we are all expected to live up with other people’s expectations and not on our own. We live in a world where one mistake or unnecessary words can make someone end their life because if they don’t, this judgment, mockery, insults, anger, and failures will bury them alive. Of course, they won’t let that happen, that’s why they choose to pull the trigger. They believed that if they did, they are not going to feel that anymore.

We live in a world where people have no idea about the things that others are going through. Yet, they keep mocking and destroying each other, for what reason? Out of pride? Out of entertainment? Out of power or authority? What exactly? What exactly are the actual benefits of humiliation and dragging people down? None right? Think about it.

We live in a world where being yourself is not a choice because simply, it wasn’t accepted.

So here’s the question:

Would you stop trying to fight, give up and just lock yourself in your room questioning yourself “why? why is this happening to me?” Or would you keep fighting, kick their balls and beat the hell out of it?

Okay, stop right there!

I am not gonna give you any options or any chance to choose, because you are going to keep fighting. You will beat the old habit. You can do it. Beat your shadow of the doubt, be yourself and let the world know that if it will keep moving, and so are you, no matter what.

We don’t want to let these old habits open the next generation’s eyes and steal their vision and might version of the truth that the world is somehow, a beautiful place to keep living for.

Photo by Ethan Hoover on Unsplash

So here’s the thing, and probably one of the most usable advice I can give to you:

Stop wasting your time arguing, yelling, sending paragraphs, or getting mad with anyone. Stop asking yourself why you don’t deserve a better life because you do. Stop doubting yourself that you can’t do any good to others, that you’re useless because you’re not. Stop torturing yourself by letting anyone ruin your life, mock you, and destroy you because you deserve a better tomorrow. It is so exhausting to fight with your emotions and rage all the time. It can ruin you and you will just be lost in the process. It is now time to look for yourself, to act different, to grow, learn how to cook, help the elders, read inspiring and motivational books or articles and inspire people in return. Spend most of your time with your family and good friends. Time is too precious and too short to lock up yourself in your room alone and not let any positiveness enter your cage. It is now time to grow and leave these people with a negative mindset where they at if you can still save them, save them, but not when they are gonna drag you down with them. Never let that happen.

Take no chances. Smash the walls if necessary. Close the door if badly needed. It is okay to say no, it’s okay to doubtfully say yes. It’s okay not to go outside and party all the time. It’s okay to stay silent and shut down for a while. Stop making someone see their worth by making yourself less important, there are other options for that. Stop being a hero when you can’t even be strong enough to save yourself. If your goal is to make everyone happy and satisfied, you’re bound to lose yourself. Never let that happen.

And when you still feel like the world is failing you, like giving you so much weights, still keep fighting, because you have to. Explore, hunt for a sign, pray and ask questions, because there is nothing wrong for seeking answers, especially if it is a matter of having a doubt to live or survive.

Photo by Perry Grone on Unsplash

So now, it is up to you. Go on, keep moving.

You gotta start romanticizing yourself. Start believing that your morning and evening commute is cute and fun. That every cup of coffee or tea is the best you’ve ever had. That even the smallest and mundane things are exciting and new. You have to, because that is truly living.

Now is the time to spread the positivity. Do your part as a human, with all the best you can.

If not now, when?

If not you, who?



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