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Let Go of External Expectations and Realign to Your Unique Success

An interview with Andrea Kartika Deierlein — Reiki Practitioner and Spiritual Teacher

Bingz Huang
Aug 1 · 9 min read

This is part of an interview series, where I ask fellow energetically sensitive healers, coaches, artists, and spiritual teachers how they embody Gentleness in their businesses and personal lives. I call them Gentleness Ambassadors :)

To help you further appreciate their energetic gifts and challenges they have overcome, I have also included a mini-analysis of their Human Design charts in each interview too!

I am excited to share with you the highlights of my interview with Andrea Kartika Deierlein, who is a Reiki Practitioner and Spiritual Teacher based in New York, USA.

More about Andrea Kartika Deierlein

She knows first-hand how debilitating and all-consuming stress, overwhelm, and anxiety, are. This gnawing sense of everything is too much while keeping a smile on her face, felt like living hell until Reiki came into her life.

When Andrea took her first Reiki class in 2015, a switch turned in her head. Since then she has been realizing every day that self-compassion is more important than functioning at all costs and impressing with achievements.

Reiki has been her lifesaver, which keeps her sane and well every day. She is the founder and owner of Thrive Reiki, LLC, and committed to sharing Reiki and mindfulness practice with others — in her practice in White Plains, New York, as a graduate teacher of the International House of Reiki, and as a meditation facilitator.

Mini analysis of Andrea’s Human Design chart

Andrea’s Human Design chart shows that she is a Projector with Self-Projected Authority, 5/1 Profile, and just 2 Defined Centers in her Throat and Identity Centers.

There are five main energy types and being a Projector, Andrea has the innate wisdom and gift of being able to guide others in managing their energies and talents more effectively and efficiently. Only approximately 20% of the world’s populations are Projectors.

A common challenge of being a Projector is that she can amplify and unknowingly absorb the sustainable sacral energies from Generators and Manifesting Generators, who form around 70% of the world’s population. It is very common for Projectors to feel that they can do a lot more work than their peers. But they run into a risk of ending up in burnout even when they are doing the tasks or work they love.

Having a 5/1 profile indicates that she can be a charismatic leader. She has a firm foundation of knowledge and wisdom that she can use to help others. She is also an energetic mirror for others, where they place their projections and expectations on her, hoping that she can help solve their problems. The tricky part of this energetic mirror is that there can be two possible scenarios:

  1. When she finds herself meeting the right people, they would see the best of themselves being reflected through her. There is tremendous success and gratitude from these people as they feel helped and empowered by her presence.
  2. When she meets the ‘wrong’ people, they would see their shadows and weaknesses being reflected through her instead. These people would feel deeply disappointed by the interactions.

Out of the nine energy centers, Andrea only has two defined centers and seven undefined/open centers. This shows that she is deeply sensitive to external influences, such as people, places, and events in many aspects.

Her Defined Throat and Defined Identity Centers show how she expresses deeply from her sense of self. When she is courageous enough to be and express her unique identity, she is able to enjoy her unique success in life.

Now that you know a little bit about her natural energetic wiring, let’s dive a little deeper to learn from her journey and wisdom.

I have extracted highlights from our interview, categorized under specific themes in each heading, and with Andrea’s answers under each heading.

Clearing common misperceptions of Andrea’s Reiki practice

I am a Reiki practitioner and teacher, yet I am not how people typically perceive a Reiki Master, because I don’t practice Reiki as an energy healing method.

I practice Reiki the traditional Japanese way. As a spiritual practice that helps us to self-heal and on our journey of self-discovery.

It is rooted in this belief that the greatest source of stress is when we are not true to our way of being — and by getting to know ourselves better, we have the opportunity to become self-empowered and also to heal.

This has been my personal story. Before I had the tool of Reiki in my life, I was working against myself as a highly sensitive person and as a high-achieving person. I was always pushing myself. The gentleness was missing in my life. I didn’t understand that I needed a lot of gentleness for myself.

I was very generous with gentleness for others, but not for myself. Yet this is part of my journey. I never expected to become a Reiki practitioner and teacher and help others on their journey.

Who Andrea helps through her Reiki practice

I’ve been in professional practice since 2016. My clientele has been mostly professionals in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. They work in high-pressure jobs like real estate, banking, and law. I help them to relax and build more resilience with everyday work stresses.

Right now I’m transitioning to helping women in their 40s and 50s who feel trapped in their marriage. I help them regain their sense of life, sense of self, and sense of purpose so that they can become self-empowered and self-confident. This helps them to either become better partners and they can become happier in their marriage, or they can gather the courage to say ‘I can stand on my own feet’.

A lot of my clients stay with me for years.

They are sensitive people who are very rooted in their work. They found me as someone who understands them because I come from the corporate work culture too. I’ve been through what they are going through work-wise, with the long work hours, and that hard work mindset. They appreciate that I understand that and this is what draws them to me too.

They experience my presence as gentle and calming, which puts them at ease. It helps them put their guard down. They also feel nurtured by me. They don’t just feel nurtured by the Reiki energy and the laying on of hands, they also feel cared for, listened to, heard, and seen because I am fully present with them. I am fully present with them not just in the treatment room, but also outside of the treatment room when they reach out to me.

The clients who are willing to show up for themselves, to invest their time, energy and money for these sessions have the greatest results. They are also courageous. Even though I help them relax, sometimes things can get a little bit uncomfortable in order to be processed and to be released.

They understand that. They don’t get scared by it. They know it’s part of the healing process.

It’s so wonderful to see their journeys — when these women first came to me they were so broken and they were just a shell of themselves, so physically and emotionally fragile.

It’s so beautiful to see this lovely difference after a year or longer. How they are in their own space, how they are stronger physically, emotionally, and how they are vibrant.

Regardless of what life is throwing at them, they don’t fall, they don’t break, they have that inner resiliency. They transform from being fragile and confused to be able to say “I got this! I have my tools. It’s uncomfortable but I can do this!”

Coping with high sensitivity as a child

Oh, I suffered so much! I didn’t understand why I felt what I felt at such intensity. It’s very funny because my parents and people kept saying “Don’t be so sensitive, don’t be so emotional”. I took everything to heart right away and suffered greatly.

I protected myself by removing myself from other people. I was a lonely kid and I loved to read. I read a lot! I read one book a day. I didn’t play with other kids, because I felt they were ‘dangerous’ and cruel. They mocked me. I consoled myself with foods and gained a lot of weight. I ate a lot, so I had a physical barrier to protect me from that pain too.

The breakthrough

I suffered from a chronically inflamed esophagus and it was really terrible. In 2011, I was led to a German naturopath and healer who works with the Spagyric Method. He helped me to understand part of my energetic wiring. He also helped me to heal and strengthen myself. I worked with him for two years and then at some point, he said to me: “You don’t need my help anymore. You can heal yourself.”

That was very interesting because two years later, Reiki came into my life!

The importance of increased self-care in these harsh times

After the COVID-19 sheltering-in-place, I just reopened my practice again.

Before lockdown, I was able to do three to five sessions a day without feeling depleted. But now am working myself up to that again. On some days, I can only have one or two sessions. I need more time to recover, partly because I need to wear a mask now and the breathing is different. Also, there is a lot of processing that is going on for my client and for myself.

I have identified now through COVID-19 that on most days I can only have three interactions with people per day, whether I meet them online via Zoom or in person. I have to take a day off each week, so I have no interaction with other people. I just have quiet time for myself.

It’s very interesting that my energy levels are changing and I’m adjusting to that. I can stay focused for two hours now, have a break, and then I can refocus again.

This is new for me because I have been pushing through with long days, be it in my previous corporate job, or as a Reiki Practitioner. But right now I would stick to three interactions a day with breaks in-between.

Leaving harsh work expectations

As a Projector, it is not ideal for Andrea to work for long hours continuously. That can lead to intense burnout. She is meant to guide others instead.

For many years, I have been working against myself, instead of with myself. When I left my corporate job seven years ago, that was the best thing that I could have ever done.

I am a good employee for my boss. But I’m a terrible employee for myself. I cannot be set in somebody else’s box, being trapped and caught in a system having to do things based as other people want them on their timeline. Having to always push through that external pressure was terrible for me.

When I am in a fixed work environment, when somebody is paying me, and I have to live up to their expectations… that is absolutely the worst thing for me. It was also the internal pressure in me: Why is it so easy for everybody else? Why can everybody else do that? But a regular nine-to-five job is so tough for me.

Practicing gentle productivity in her Reiki practice

I’m a very organized and very structured person and I get a lot done, but things need to be able to move and shift. So I need a lot of breathing space to move things around.

“Oh I cannot do this today I’m gonna do it tomorrow. I cannot do this today, I don’t! I’m tired, I’m exhausted, I have no juice left in me.”

I can take a break and it’s okay to do whatever needs to be done another time and the result is going to get better. I have the luxury of understanding that and planning ahead so that I can allow myself that rest.

Why you need to embrace who you are and honor your self-care

Mini Excerpt of my interview with Andrea Kartika Deierlein

Please listen to what Andrea said in this short clip. It is so inspiring and moving for me!


I am truly inspired by the various challenges Andrea overcame to embrace her unique self, and step into her power as a Reiki Practitioner and Spiritual Teacher in the highly stressful world of New York!

Here is what Andrea said about what she benefited most from this session:

“I realized after our interview how courageous it is to walk through life with seven open energy centers and do the work that I do. It also gave me a deeper understanding and permission to rest more.

If I weren’t so grounded and centered… things could get very messy/uncomfortable for me… so it reinforced the value and need of my daily personal Reiki practice.

Thank you Bingz!”

You can connect with Andrea at:

Thank you Andrea for helping me to edit this article!

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Bingz Huang

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I share stories about Gentleness to inspire fellow sensitive souls. Intuitive Healer and Human Design Specialist.

Be Unique

Be Unique

Home to unique ideas & experiences worth sharing.

Bingz Huang

Written by

I share stories about Gentleness to inspire fellow sensitive souls. Intuitive Healer and Human Design Specialist.

Be Unique

Be Unique

Home to unique ideas & experiences worth sharing.

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