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My Definition of Failure Defines Me.

Not all are apt to define failure the way it is & that is the reason many view failure as fatal.

define failure the right way HBR Patel

Our life is directed by the goals that we define. Some of us have a bold vision while some of us choose comfort.

All in all, everyone has one thing or another in their life to achieve. That goal becomes the destination and our life becomes the journey to reach that destination.

Our dreams define us.
Our goals inspire us.
Our vision motivates us.

Our action is always directed towards the fulfillment of that goal. We chase our dreams with effort and hope. In this chase, some of us go with the flow within set parameters while some endure and make their own way to their dreams.

However, all of us encounter failures at one point in this chase, irrespective of the path we choose. A setback that we think might take us back in the journey. A failure can halt our journey to success.

Sometimes, we give failure the potential to anchor us into a mediocre life. How we define failure depends upon our expectations. How we define failure can ultimately define us in our journey to excellence.

We are disappointed if the results of our actions do not match our expectations. That the disappointment becomes a source of misery that germinates fear. That fear anchors us to where we are to avoid the humiliation that we might face for another failure.

Many notable personalities have faced such failures in their life but they never allowed those failures to define them. Read the biographies of successful people, or hear them or at least see them, you will find one thing in common: they never gave up on their dreams even after facing failures in their life.

Teacher of Thomas Alva Edison considered him as too stupid to learn. He overcame that title of stupidity and became America’s most prolific inventor with 1,093 U.S. patents.

Similar was the case with Walt Disney. An editor of a newspaper fired him because his editor felt he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” He didn’t give up on his dreams & gave us Mickey Mouse. He inspired many others to chase their dreams.

As Walt himself put it: “It is good to have a failure while you’re young because it teaches you so much. For one thing it makes you aware that such a thing can happen to anybody, and once you’ve lived through the worst, you’re never quite as vulnerable afterward.”

Elon Musk failed on many occasions but he never gave up on his dream of colonizing Mars. Nearly five rockets failed to launch or return to its launch pad, placing him on the brink of bankruptcy. Musk continued and succeeded to launch the first-ever crewed space mission by a private company.

“Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough.” He said, “If something is important enough, you should try. Even if the probable outcome is a failure.”

All of them were not born with superpowers that gave them resilience to shield them from the disappointment that they faced.

They faced those disappointments without becoming the victim of failures. They had expectations for their efforts but that had a mindset that never allowed them to slip into depression. They viewed failure as an opportunity to optimize their approach and try again.

All of this points out one thing: How I define failure, defines me. How I choose to interpret failures can help me move forward or anchor myself into the position that I am in.

Successful people view failure as a stepping stone to success. Every mistake that we make provides us an opportunity to improve. Every setback we face help us optimize our approach.

Every failure that we encounter along the way guides us to look deeper and learn something new or awaken the hidden potential within us that was dormant due to disuse.

Know that failure indicates that there is room to grow. Failure never ever defines us, but how we define failure matters.

If we see it as an opportunity to grow then we can grow and achieve what we are after. If we see failure as a setback then we will become stagnant and let go of the chase.

Choose your Definition of Failure Wisely. Cause, it will Define You.



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