How to deliver your first meal 🍽

You’ve made your pledge to #HackHunger but now wondering how to actually deliver your first meal. You are energized by the message of feeding hungry people with abundant food near you, and want to lend your hand to make this possible.

This is y’uuuuuuge. Unsung is based upon the idea that people like you will step up to make their community better, given the opportunity to do good. So let’s get started!

We’re going to help you deliver your first meal. I guarantee a dopamine rush like no other.

Get warmed up 🔥🌡

We have a small but growing community of unsung heroes across the country trying to make a difference in their hometown. We welcome you to join us!

  1. Sign up to our slack and join our community.
  2. Add a nice profile picture and include where you live your bio.
  3. Introduce yourself in the #introduction channel
  4. Find your city’s channel, or if you don’t see your city, make one!

Success! Now you have a 24/7 support network of peers across the country working on the same goal as you. Even if you’re the first in your city, you aren’t alone. And once you get a few volunteers in your city, don’t be shy to go on #HackHunger runs together. It’s always more fun with company.

Stock up on Supplies 🖊

If you’d like to give regular contributions to Unsung, you’ll make your life a lot easier by buying these materials beforehand.

  1. Plastic sandwich bags
  2. Paper lunch bags
  3. A sharpie (to write #HackHunger on the bags)

Making the meal 🍽

If you don’t have donated food from food providers yet, but still wish to get started, you can make a basic #HackHunger bag pretty cheaply. If you are using ingredients commonly found within your household, we recommend simply packing a ham/pb&j sandwich along with a bag of chips.

  • Pack the sandwich in the plastic bag
  • drop in the chips
  • rollup the top
  • write #HackHunger on the paper bag with your sharpie.

Your first #HackHunger run 😋👟

Either walk or drive around your town and look for people who might need a meal. If you feel shy going alone, we recommend bringing a friend! Once you find someone who you think might need a meal, you can approach like this:

“Hello! Are you hungry? I have a sandwich and chips.”

Be sure to get a picture of the meal so that you can record the good-deed was done. Also you can get a less-shy picture if you ask the following:

“Would you mind if I took a picture of you receiving the meal? This proof helps us get more free food to give out.”

Inspire others to #HackHunger with you 🏃

When you get home, be sure to post the picture on social media. Be sure to use the hashtag #HackHunger and then everyone can see the collaborative effort of the Unsung network in real-time. Also use the hashtag of your city to rally others nearby to join you on your next run.

Unsung is a movement of individuals vowing to end hunger in America, one meal at a time. It’s really easy to get started and once you do, you’ll begin to inspire those around you. Together, we’re creating a decentralized social safety net, and raising the public standard of life and empathy in our hometowns.