The 2500 #HackHunger Meal Challenge

Last month, we hosted a competition between Baltimore and Austin to see who would feed 1000 meals first. The purpose of this competition was to build and prepare local #HackHunger communities before the launch of our app and the success of which was explosive.

The #Austin #HackHunger team went above and beyond to win the 1000 meal challenge.

After Austin won the 1000 meal challenge, the celebration went viral after our article hit the front page of reddit, gathering awareness from across the US. Arman Sadri, from Seattle, learned about Unsung and started a #HackHunger group near him, even going out with some friends to deliver their first 100 meals. This sort of decentralized self-initiative is the premise that Unsung is based upon, which is why these early successes are so exciting as they validate that this is totally possible.

There’s 49 million americans who are hungry yet America throws away $500 billion of food every year. Let’s hack this ridiculousness to start solving itself. #HackHunger

So what’s next?

Due to popular demand, we’re expanding to more starting cities and setting another milestone for us to hit. Austin beat Baltimore by feeding 1000 meals first, thus it’s time to take this challenge to the next level.

August 16th, we’re challenging which city can feed and document 2500 meals first.

How to participate

This time, we’re opening up this challenge to all cities that wish to participate. We currently have #HackHunger communities Seattle, Phoenix, Austin, Baltimore, and NYC that are participating, yet we won’t exclude ambitious souls from feeding people!

  1. Sign up to Unsung and join our slack (we organize through here)
  2. Join your city and say hello to other Unsung Heroes in your area
  3. Find local food providers that have extra food and package that into meals.
  4. Go out into the streets, hand out meals, and take pictures of meals saved.
  5. Upload the pictures to slack in #images. We’ll post these on our social feed to show everyone the progress of the competition.

Unsung launches this fall

Yet for some communities, that’s not soon enough and they want to have action right now. Join our meal feeding challenge to get Unsung started in your city when the app launches this fall.