#FOF vs. #FOMO

By Danny Holtschke

I still shy away from a commitment I want to make.

It’s a commitment to write 500 to 1000 words a day and share them on my blog and Medium.

I don’t know why I shy away.

I mean I know why … because I am afraid to make this commitment.

And I know if I make this commitment to write 1000 words a day and even share this commitment publicly, it might help me to follow through with it. Even though there might be times of resistance and resentment. But still sharing it publicly it helps … I think but I am not sure.

Do I really want to create this reinforcing “rule” and “commitment” to myself?

Don’t I already have too many self-chosen commitments?

It’s easy to say YES. It’s so much harder to say NO.

So I struggle. I struggle a lot — in fact. Because once again I don’t know how to decide. And if I go along with writing 1000 words a day and sharing them, where shall I share them? On my blog? On my Medium page? Under my personal brand? Or my StartupGeist project? Do I want to build a personal brand at all? ….

All these questions paralyze me. Because I tend to not move because I am afraid to make a bad or wrong decision. But the matter of fact is, I deeply know that there really are no wrong decisions.

A decision made is better than no decision at all.

BUT still one of my inner voices is screaming “stop” — “be careful” — “don’t rush”. This voice might be my fear of not living up to the commitments I do in my life.

It’s so much easier NOT to commit and NOT to start THAN it’s to commit and start.

However, once you realize how powerful committing and starting is, it becomes so easy to commit. You have so many ideas and projects, you want to be working on. Every day it seems a new opportunity is presented to you.

That’s when another fear is kicking …. not the fear of not living up to a commitment, not the fear of failure, not the fear of rejections …


As an ambitious starter, like myself, this is a crazy one. Because we are confronted by the paradox of choice daily, we fear missing out on stuff. Especially starters fear missing out on business opportunities. I am not going to judge which fear is worse — fear of failure or fear of missing out.

All I know is that both are there. Both are there for a reason. And I need to be aware of them and see the value they serve to me.

#Fear of Failure: Being afraid of starting. Happens to wantrapreneurs a lot.
#Fear of Missing Out: Starting too many things at once, not committing to one single project, being diffused and so unsuccessful. Happens to first-time entrepreneurs a lot.

Analysis: #FOF vs #FOMO

#FOF: I am not afraid of living up to my commitments because I simply don’t know what my circumstances of life will be in a month or three from now on. I might need to adjust my commitment of writing and publishing daily. And that’s ok. So I am not afraid anymore because I know that if I commit, I will follow through.

Hence, the more relevant fear to think about is #FOMO.

#FOMO: Writing daily and sharing my inner, totally honest thoughts with some readers — even though I like to think “sharing it with the world”, but who is reading this anyway — will feel liberating. Will make me proud of being true to myself. Acting on my inner voice and doing stuff that matters to me — without expecting it, for now, to matter for others. Of course, I hope so but it’s not why I am doing it right now.

So do I fear missing out? No. I feel it’s a deeper calling that I need to be following.

My Decision

Let’s give it a try for a week or so and let’s see how it feels. This content comes from my heart. From my deeply reflected consciousness — whatever this means for you. It means for me that I am opening up. I am trusting a deeper inner voice and source to come out. I want to share my thoughts, and opinions from moment to moment.

Without any specific outcome. I mainly write this for myself. To practice writing. To practice on delivering to a commitment to myself. It’s easy to lie to others. It’s harder to lie to ourselves because we feel the effect. We feel embarrassed. We can’t sleep at night. We feel rushed. Our mental health is fucked IF we lie to ourselves.

That’s why I aim at being radically honest with myself. In turn, you can follow my thoughts and improvements along the way. Improvements in fields of mindfulness, Zen, Yoga, exercising, nutrition and food, sleep, writing, convincing, telling stories, creating products, building companies, doing work that matters — just to name a few.

Let’s see where this goes 😃

I am exciting for myself and the few readers who might stumble upon this stuff here. I sincerely hope that out of that few readers a few will benefit and learn from my thoughts.

Namaste and Hugs — Danny

PS: James Clear inspired me to do this commitment to sharing my writing daily and build a habit of writing. Why build a habit? As he says: “Habits are a method for accomplishing the things that provide meaning and purpose to our lives.” He goes on: “Whenever you put in consistent work and learn from your mistakes, incredible progress is the result.”

Share your ❤ below — and respond with your thoughts.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.


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Originally published at dannyholtschke.com on March 14, 2016.