Fuck Work-Life Balance. Do this instead.

By Danny Holtschke

@JeffGoins, author of The Art of Work, highlights in a podcast interview done by @JonNastor something extremely interesting for entrepreneurs who struggle to keep all the different roles synced and balanced in their life.

For me, right now, life does not feel like something that has to be balanced, but like tension that has to be managed.

It’s exactly how I feel right now. As a starter of ‘something’—some call it aspiring entrepreneur— I don’t need to balance my life right now because I am committed to work and make this ‘something’ happen.

I realized that as long as I will search for balance I will be unhappy as I was for many years. It’s the tension in my life — not the balance — that I need to deal with.

And this tension as a starter needs to be enjoyed — and not to be endured.

When I discovered that my life’s situation became much more acceptable and enjoyable. A presence kicked in. A drive. A thrive to my own greatness!

I am not led anymore by what other people think or want me to do. I am not led anymore by ‘artificial’ concepts like work-life balance. A concept most speak about and want to achieve it, but barely anyone does.

So — let’s get rid of this misconception for starters and entrepreneurs!

There Is NO Work Life Balance.

There is only ONE thing …

Life Balance.

How to achieve it? Only you know. And you most likely know it already what to do…but don’t yet act on it.

Be assured that there is no silver bullet. Don’t look for one. Put in the required and necessary effort to find what works for you.

I suggest the following…

  1. Look for advice by reading or listening to podcasts, like Hack The Entrepreneur, the Tim Ferriss Show, the School of Greatness or Smart Passive Income.
  2. Find ‘recipes’ that might work for you.
  3. Try and tweak them according to your routines and processes. Don’t try to adopt to more than two.
  4. Reflect and see how it feels following them.
  5. Continue or dismiss.

If you need to dismiss a ‘recipe’, look for another one. Don’t be discouraged. And don’t take anything for granted. Just because it works for Tim Ferriss, it doesn’t need to work for YOU.

Not everything is supposed to work for YOU.

Give several ‘recipes’ a try. Tweak them — if necessary. Or completely look for something else.

This is not only true for work, but food & diets, sleep, exercising, relationships, mental health … you name it.

Again — put in the required effort to find, try and adjust.

If you do this long and often enough, you will assemble #lifehacks that make you more focused, productive and mindful. This is how you ultimately reach and live a more fulfilling and balanced life as an entrepreneur.

Some of my #lifehacks

  • Enough, good sleep (at least 6h, if not 7,5h) at a fixed time (11pm)
  • Morning routine (yoga, meditation, sometimes reading, always writing — this piece, for instance)
  • No breakfast. I do intermittent fasting.
  • No email or other interruptions till lunch time (lunch is around 2pm).
  • Taking a short walk or getting up every 90 minutes.

These thoughts were inspired by reading “Hack the Entrepreneur” by @jonnastor. Make sure to check his podcast and get the best business hacks from+200 interviews of the top entrepreneurs.

Share your ❤ below — and respond with your thoughts.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.


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Originally published at dannyholtschke.com on March 21, 2016.