Learn to Dance with Your Fear

By Danny Holtschke

Seth Godin advises us to blog every day.


To learn to dance with our fears.

Everyone should have a blog. Everyone should blog every day to overcome fear and to share their own truth on a regular schedule. That’s how you dance with fear!

That’s my main reason why I blog daily. I want to overcome my tendency to be perfect. My tendency not to start in the first place. My tendency not to commit fully to a practice — day in, day out.

Other reasons are:

  • Share my thoughts as my head is too crowded
  • Openly journaling to keep track of my journey
  • Learn to write
  • Learn to commit
  • Overcome fear
  • Produce stuff
  • Learn to tell a story
  • Learn convincing

Why aren’t you sharing your thoughts? Why aren’t starting? What holds you back?

If you started, what are you writing about? In any case, I admire you for openly sharing your thoughts and putting in the hard work to do so!

You’re my hero because it took me sooo long to start and consistently write and share. It’s not easy but if I can do it, anyone can. Most certainly because I am far away from special.

I am just a normal guy.

And I love to be normal.

Share your ❤ below — and respond with your thoughts.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Fearlessly love and build the life you truly deserve.

About Danny: I choose to be happy. I choose to love fearlessly. I build businesses — and have a good life. #LoveYourself #BeYourself — then #ServeOthers #GiveGiveGive

Originally published at dannyholtschke.com on April 18, 2016.