My Commitment to My Own Greatness

By Danny Holtschke

I am trying to be great. I am trying to become a successful entrepreneur and a generous, kind and loving human being.

My values are to fearlessly love, mindfully act and personally grow and always be radical honest to myself. That allows me to be honest with all people around me.

My goals are to really know myself and act accordingly.

My mantras are #LoveYourself #BeYourself #Choose Yourself — then #ServeOthers #GiveGiveGive

My mission is to help young talents to pursue their dreams in a focused, productive, and mindful way.

I choose to be happy. I choose to love fearlessly. I build businesses — and have a good life.

Please let me explain why

I am trying to be great

I am building businesses because it’s the best way for me to design and live the life I want. I want to be free, financially independent and healthy.

There are many other ways to achieve this.

I choose to be an entrepreneur because it’s who I am, who I want to be and who I will become. I simply can’t help myself serving others, solving problems and becoming the best version of myself.

Currently, I am a digital nomad changing my base every two months. You could also say that I am escaping European winters. I also decided not to live in Silicon Valley (visa, no balance, only billion dollar ideas, no appreciation for lifestyle).

I choose a lifestyle, instead of mindfucks, instead of billions, instead of unhappiness.

I choose happiness. I choose not to chase money. I choose not to run away from my deepest fears and concerns. I choose to have deep and loving relationships.

I choose a balanced life. An entrepreneurial life. A life with deep compassion and conviction for what I do with whom I do it.

That’s why I am sharing tools and ways to develop the right mindset that allowed me and continuously push me to live the life I want and unleash my true potential.

I am nowhere close to becoming the best version of myself.

I am nowhere near being rich.

But it really doesn’t matter because I don’t want to wait until I achieved something to share it with others. Instead, I let life move through me. I trust myself

I trust that the right mindset will foster the right actions resulting in the right outcomes — for me.

Independently of not being rich or not having achieved anything outstanding that might convince you to follow me, I am extremely happy right now. I am the normal one. I am not gifted. Whatever I feel and do, others can certainly do, too.

I feel pushed to gift back my true self to all of you. Is it stressful? You bet. But whenever I feel overwhelmed, I step back to gain perspective and listen to what I need. I mostly stop pushing then and nurture myself, my body and my mind.

I am a convicted self-improver, life learner or self-developer — call it want you … For me it’s continuously improving my life, improving my outlook of the things I do in my life.

I try not to take anything for granted.

I try not to be attached.

I try to be fully committed to whatever I do and committed to whomever I am with.

I am committed to always give my best and accept that it’s not 100% every day.

I accept my limits but choose to live up to them and slightly push them further. Further beyond what I perceive impossible because there is not such impossible thing but only an impossible mindset.

Does this mean I am crazy and jump out of airplanes or do crazy multi day hikes? No. I am not skydiving because I am afraid. I am not riding a roller coaster because I am afraid. I accept my fears. But one day I will skydive and share this with you.

I thrive to learn something new every day or practice already learned stuff even more deliberately every day. I continuously learn so much about myself and life realizing how much better everything becomes. In fact, learning and improving doesn’t really stop in school or University.

And I am not talking about big things. It can and should be small things. Appreciating a meal. Appreciating a new customer or a new Twitter follower. Because I don’t feel rushed to achieve.

Whatever will come will come. I don’t stress myself any longer by chasing dreams and goals. I stress myself, though, to follow a consistent daily practice of being focused, productive and mindful. Because I believe in routines and good habits more than in goals.

That’s what I want to give back to you. Honest reports on what I do in my life, how I do it and how it helped me — all geared towards buildings businesses and having a good life.

AND at some point, I will share my life philosophy that I am building and living right now— a mix of Zen, Stoicism, German practicality, mindfulness and Singularity.

I don’t believe in dual thinking and a dual life approach.

Meaning that you need to decide for ONE religion, for ONE place you live, for ONE partner to be with. It’s not either or. It can be this AND that. So that’s why I take snippets from stuff I find interesting without following it from A to Z. I take B from here and G from there and put it into action into my life.

I invite you to start observing your self-limiting beliefs.

I invite you to start deciding with an abundance mindset.

I invite you to start building a growth mindset.

Because your thoughts define your actions. And your actions define your results. So I am all about the right MINDSET (which is different for everyone). There isn’t only ONE right mindset. That’s why I want to share my up and downs how I try to achieve the right mindset, receive and give love, be mindful — always with integrity and respect.

Because I am convinced that this leads me to my own personal greatness — a better version of myself like an upgrade of myself every day.

I keep updating myself

What about you?

Things I have done

to become a better version of myself

Open battle with my mindfucks

Things I suck at. Things I am aware of and want to change

  • Coming to late
  • Being afraid of launching (my podcast was postponed for 2 months)
  • Being somewhat concerned about going home
  • Being alone
  • Being to self-obsessed
  • Not being smart enough
  • Not being a good at sales & marketing
  • Not being good enough
  • Not being a good lover
  • Not being approachable enough
  • Not being open enough to embrace serendipity

… this list could be endless. I accept my flaws and weaknesses. I even started to love them as much as I love my talents and strengths.

In her book ‘The Dark Side of the Light Chasers’, Debbie Ford shows us HOW important the dark of ourselves is and why we shouldn’t neglect it.

I now starting to make peace with the dark side.

Ask yourself two things

Be aware that it’s our choice.

There are choices. Everything in life, in fact, are choices. You’re who you want to be. You can be a change maker, or you will be an accepter. You can be a craftsmen or you will be non-doer. It’s choices.

If you choose to do something, start believing in and commit yourself, it’s possible.

It’s your choice. It’s your responsibility to go after your dreams, live the life you want and make stuff happen.

Don’t wait for others to show a way — they are busy with their life.

Go out there and make something happen — for you!

You deserve it. Take the step. Build. Create. Do.

I have your back — if needed.

Share your ❤ below — and respond with your thoughts.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Fearlessly love and build the life you truly deserve.

About Danny: I choose to be happy. I love fearlessly. I practice the Art of Being Entrepreneurial to build businesses — & have a good life. Go to

Originally published at on May 24, 2016.