Reasons Why StartupGeist Is

By Danny Holtschke

I want to share reasons why I work on StartupGeist and truly believe in it.

Actually, I can’t help myself working on it.

It’s calling.

If I didn’t do it, I would waste my gifts and the reason why I am here…

This isn’t only true for myself but for anyone of us.

In fact, the StartupGeist helps us …

Reason #1: T0 show that we’re damn serious, that we do stuff, that we follow through on our commitments.

Reason #2: To become an authority, and a respected loving go-to resource.

Reason #3: To learn about businesses, to learn about and really know ourselves (what drives each of us, what each of us wants, what each of us wants to achieve).

Reason #4: To become a better version of ourselves that is not so much about us but serving others, delivering value and generously helping.

Reason #5: To share what we learn and experience with others and help them grow. We love to see each others growing.

Reason #6: To see life as a teacher. To empower us to see the truth within us.

Reason #7: To push us delivering outstanding value, creating meaningful inspirations, and letting the truth speak through us.

The StartupGeist Empowers YOU

StartupGeist is the Art of Being Entrepreneurial.

StartupGeist means to love ourselves.

StartupGeist means to know ourselves.

StartupGeist means to choose ourselves.

StartupGeist means to be ourselves. It means to stop being someone we are not. Stop imitating. Stop copying.

StartupGeist means finding our truth and bringing it into the world.

And remember…

StartupGeist Isn’t About ME

It’s not about me, Danny. I am just an example of loving, knowing, choosing and being myself.

I share my morning routine.

I share how Zazen helped me to become a better human.

I share why yoga helped my to know myself.

I share how ecstatic dance helped me to trust my body and feel my body.

I share how starting to heal my inner child helped me to get closer to my true self.

I share how my divorce helped me to become a better partner because love isn’t to find the right person but to become the right person.

Even though I do all this, StartupGeist isn’t about me.

It’s much bigger. I am just an example of how I interpret the StartupGeist.

By doing so, I aim at attracting the right readers and followers to build a tribe and community around the StartupGeist that we share and bring into our beautiful world.

Welcome to StartupGeist —

The Art and Science of Being Entrepreneurial.

Share your ❤ below — and respond with your thoughts.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Fearlessly love and build the life you truly deserve.

About Danny: I choose to be happy. I love fearlessly. I practice the Art and Science of Being Entrepreneurial to build businesses — & have a good life. Go to

Originally published at on May 18, 2016.