How to Make Decisions

By Danny Holtschke

Our life is all about making decisions.

Hopefully, the right ones because our success depends on making the right decisions.

There are two different kinds of decisions: One’s that you can go back on (revocable decisions), and ones that are permanent (irrevocable decisions).

Being often faced with the paradox of choice, it’s not easy to make the right decisions or even worse — most of us delay decisions because of fear of failure, decision fatigue or fear of missing out.

Example Career Decision: Startup vs Corporation

Don’t work for a startup if you don’t like their culture, their work ethics or vision. Always be part of a startup that suits YOU — your values, passion and motivation.

Then it’s much easier to contribute significantly to a startup’s progress and its vision. You will easier become friends with your team members because you share a common vision.

As a result, you will personally grow beyond your wildest dreams …

If this doesn’t excite you, please go to or stay at a large corporation where no one really identifies with its vision. What a boring work life!


It’s your decision — as always. No one can really help you.

However, you decide whether startup or corporation, always make sure to find a company that fits your ambitions and values to bring in your true self.

For me, choosing to work for a startup instead of a corporation is a revocable decision. Even choosing a specific startup is a revocable decision.

For me, we — in Western societies— don’t face ‘career risks’. So every career decision we make is revocable. Nothing is permanent.

Don’t hold on to our parent’s beliefs that we must set a direction in life for the next 40 years in our 20ies and follow this direction. That’s an Industrial Age mindset.

Don’t stress out. Just do and try. If you are willing to learn and improve daily, it’s the best investment you can do for yourself.

#ChooseYourself — James Altucher

Everything else will follow.

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Originally published at on March 18, 2016.