The StartupGeist Mission

Defining Values for our Community

By Danny Holtschke

The StartupGeist is the art and science of being entrepreneurial.

It’s a philosophy for an entrepreneurial life.

StartupGeist means building the right mindset. It’s a growth mindset that helps us to constantly learn new (soft) skills and build the right habits for now.

StartupGeist values deliberate practice that is based on 3 entrepreneurial skills. They are life skills that we should apply to everything we do

  • Be focused
  • Be self-aware
  • Be caring

StartupGeist means following a system of routines and habits — instead of purely being goal-driven. The system helps us to manage ourselves, to manage energy and attention rather than purely time, to trust in the processes rather than outcomes.


StartupGeist stands for …

  • Startup = Start. Activity. Entrepreneurial Skills. Technology. Singularity.
  • Geist (German for Spirit) stands for no Ego. Mindfulness. Consciousness. Balanced, good life.


Start. Create Impact. Become Unemployable.

Leverage Technology in a Mindful Way. To Become Unemployable.

Deliberately practice.

Build the right habits and routines.

Trust in the processes rather than outcomes.

Alive Everywhere

Some movements…

Targeted Audience

Young ambitious millennials, change makers and starters that also what to live consciously.

Put differently, ambitious students and aspiring and young entrepreneurs that want to grow and learn.

Promise. Why?

Live a good life. Be free, and financial and emotional stable. Be healthy and embrace loving and lasting relationships. Live up to everyday life and master challenges and enjoy adventures.

Again, our goal isn’t to get financially rich — even though we might end up filthy rich — but to be happy, fulfilled, and healthy. We live a free good life at our terms unleashing our talents and pursuing our greatest dreams!

Let’s not believe anyone else that this isn’t possible! It is!

We believe.

Process. How?

  • Being an entrepreneur means for us personal growth, mindfulness, technology (aka Singularity).
  • Being an entrepreneur for us is a lifestyle approach of deliberate practice.
  • We focus on routines, a schedule, and habits rather than the result and goals (to reach what we want to achieve).
  • We are focused, self-aware and caring.
  • We manage energy and attention rather than purely time.


  • We will love our Mondays and will love our work because it won’t feel like work.
  • We will be healthy and have a strong body.
  • We will be mindful.
  • We will have a clear direction.
  • We will have a deep understanding of ourselves (that helps in identifying projects, making decisions, building a team, choosing our future better half — basically designing the life we want)
  • We will be admired by others — and don’t give a damn.
  • We will be an inspiration — and don’t give a damn.
  • We will be a change maker and truly serve others.
  • We will be happy and can’t help ourselves but smile throughout the day several times because everything feels so content.
  • We will feel that life is like holidays — every single day is a gift.


StartupGeist is here to empower ourselves.

StartupGeist is here to help us practice the art of being entrepreneurial.

StartupGeist helps us to live a good life that is deeply rooted in being mindful and using technology to our favor. It’s a lifestyle approach.

StartupGeist considers money just a transaction medium. StartupGeist values time, flexibility and wellbeing over money.

Welcome to StartupGeist —

The Art and Science of Being Entrepreneurial.

Share your ❤ below — and respond with your thoughts.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Fearlessly love and build the life you truly deserve.

About Danny: I choose to be happy. I love fearlessly. I practice the Art and Science of Being Entrepreneurial to build businesses — & have a good life. Go to

Originally published at on May 16, 2016.