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Hammer for Mac — 6.9.0 is here — Forge

Welcome to the latest and greatest version of Hammer.

Hammer 6.9.0 has been out for pre-release testing for a little while now, since I announced it on our community site, The Guild.

Since it has appeared stable-enough and because it brings the core Hammer app forward in a big way, I’ve decided to release it publicly today.

How To Get It

If you’ve already got Hammer installed and have enabled auto-updates, next time you open the app, it’ll recognise that a new version is available and will prompt you to update it.

If you’ve got Hammer open and don’t want to close it, head up to “Hammer” > “Check for Updates” or ⌘U. Hammer will prompt you from there.

If you’re new to Hammer or still running the old App Store version, head to the Hammer Website and download from there.

What’s In This Version

This new release involves both an update to the MacOS app and the core Hammer compiler version that ships with Hammer.


  • New “General” Preferences pane, accessed via shortcut ⌘, or “Hammer > Preferences…” menu
  • Auto-build on file save disable in Preferences > General tab — useful when making lots of small changes and don’t need the app to rebuild on each file save.
  • Add Forge API Key to preferences — access your Forge

Hammer Site Advanced Settings

Generate Hammer.json file via Hammer user interface — one click configuration file creation.

Advanced site options/settings via GUI — no need to create files and edit JSON (though you still can…). Current options available are:

  • Sourcemaps
  • Autoprefixer with Browser options

Forge Publishing

  • Forge deployment settings — after adding your Forge API Key in preferences, Hammer will list your Forge sites. Simply enable Forge deployments to publish to your selected Forge site (instead of default service. This gives you both Staging and Production publishing options directly from within Hammer, something I’ve been wanting to add for ages!
  • Enable 1-click Forge Deployment — it couldn’t be any simpler to publish your Hammer site to the simplest, fastest production hosting platform around!

None of these features would be possible without a significant update to the Hammer Compiler that ships bundled into the Hammer app.

Hammer now ships with 5.4.7

What’s new in this version of the Hammer Compiler?

Glad you asked…

I’ve been banging on about building static CMS driven sites using Hammer, Forge, Anvil and a headless CMS, such as Contentful.

We’ve integrated Contentful into Hammer, to make it very easy to start building content driven static sites and now this feature ships as standard, so you don’t need to do the auto-update dance to play with it.

We’ve also integrated Cockpit, a free & open source alternative to Contentful.

Checkout our posts and discussion topics on how to get started building your next site using this exciting, fun and productive workflow.

In addition, here’s the full Changelog for the various compiler updates that are included in this release.

  • Allow to order cockpit collection using helper articles.order(‘Title’, ‘desc’)


  • Finished cockpit support, added page generator. It works by the same way as contentful, example config (hammer.json) may look as:

  • Added base cockpit support. Example config (hammer.json):

  • Added cache for contentful, to enable offline mode. Enable it by adding key “cache” into “contentful” section. For example:

  • Fix conflict with html includes inside md files


  • Allow to re-define variables.
  • Fix using buildDir parameter.
  • Allow to use ~ in buildDir path


  • Allow to use hammer tags as plain text, should be used as <! — @@include _head → or <! — $$value →
  • Allow to change location if build folder. Parameter should be set in hammer.json and looks like:


  • Added jsx support
  • Added react helpers


  • Added ‘SmartExeption’, show meaningful error if Contentful content type or space was not found
  • Added errors for missing fields, variables, iterating over not array


  • Stack too deep fixed. Limited level of parsing assotiations.
  • Allow to use rails-like helpers instead of hammer tags. = path ‘mac.png’ instead of <! — @path mac.png →
  • Show pages generated by contentful in report.
  • Fixed issue, when autoprefixer is enabled, sass errors are not shown.


  • Fix including ‘.slim’ and ‘.scss’ files into build folder
  • Enable <! — @path → tag for auto-generated pages


  • Added contentful pages generator which allows generate multiple pages from single template.
  • Extended hammer.json config, example config for pages generator may look like:


  • 5.3.x reserved for rails version
  • Use real numbers of processors during parallel processing
  • Added base contentful helper (supports slim only)

Originally published at on October 12, 2016.




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