Feeling like a beginner again!

Nelson Eldoro
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3 min readDec 21, 2017


Hello guys, I’ve come to share a little about my previous experiences and my new point of view about a developer’s career. I’ve never imagined that after 10 years I would feel like a beginner again.

If you are a developer you should know that, in general, projects begin already late and we are “forced” to reuse those old projects made in Java or C# that work but are ugly, slow and outdated. And, in so being, you end up working with the same technologies for some time and this was my case. In fact, this is a good way to specialize in some technologies but I was interested in learning something new and at that moment JavaScript was the gateway to it.

In my previous experiences with ASP.NET MVC and Java I used JavaScript just to manipulate the DOM or make some AJAX calls, in general using jQuery. I have also developed simple SPAs(and apps with Ionic, too) using AngularJS to maintain few CRUDs but I have always used the default ecosystem proposed by the official documentations. My other front-end experiences were not with Javascript but with Android and ActionScript (yes, a long time ago there were SPAs running into the Adobe-Flash-Player). Those were very solid experiences but I was interested to know more about the JavaScript stuff when I had the opportunity to come to Beakyn. Thanks to

and Danilo Barros for betting on me.

Place your bets

So, Beakyn is a company that breathes innovation. Here I found projects using very current technologies and all of said projects are very well planned, configured and maintained. All focused in performance and user experience. Everyone here is always looking for improvements, such behavior is encouraged by our leadership. It was recently that I dove into the JavaScript front-end applications and I’m having the opportunity to better understand some cool things (React, Redux, Service Workers, Webpack, Protobuffers, …). The JavaScript world is very dynamic and everyday someone is learning a new thing and sharing with each other but we are definitely not tied to technologies (not even JavaScript). Our development stack is alive and this is the reason why I feel like a beginner again.

Another fact that also contributed to my beginner feeling was working remotely. I had imagined that the beginning would be much harder but it’s amazing how we can communicate efficiently. The problems, in general, are not in the communication but in the details, specially on a personal level. Sometimes it’s hard to pause and other times is hard to get focus, but given time you learn how to handle these kind of things(maybe this is subject to another post). Working remotely requires much more self-management but in the end you can save time. In my case, working from home has helped me a lot with my with my self-management and with my first child that has just been born.

Now a few months have passed that I have decided to change my career and I have to make up for lost time to make me feel more comfortable and productive. My intention was not to talk about some company or judge if is better be an expert or and experimenter but about the idea of being comfortable with your work.

Now, it’s time to keep learning and more posts are on the way!