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Beam Africa Community Update: August Edition

Welcome to yet another epic monthly community update from the stables of Beam Africa. August was a very remarkable month for all of us. We witnessed AMA sessions, collaborations with other communities, significant community growth, and a successful giveaway contest. A huge thanks to our amazing community for their undying support and to the Beam Africa team, for their dedication to engaging and promoting the Beam ecosystem.

There were several milestones during the month of which the most notable was the successful giveaway contest which brought a significant inflow of new members into the community. You will find the giveaway announcement here and the winner list here.


  • Beam Africa kicked off the month with a giveaway of 200 $Beam which lasted a week. 10 lucky winners were selected through a draw. Here’s a list of all the winners.
  • The giveaway was followed by an AMA session with the Africa lead for Bitzlato exchange. Missed it, here’s a recording of the session.
  • Beam Africa took to Twitter to announce the launch of the Beam Twitter Tip bot. The tweet contained steps to set up the bot and get tipped right on Twitter. View the tweet here.
  • We recognize the efforts of members of our community who contributed to the Beam community growth by constantly supporting and representing us. We have been able to grow our Twitter and Telegram community through community engagements and participation.
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To our dear community, partners and supporters, thank you for your continued support.

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