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Beam Africa Community Update: Q1 Summary

Hey Beamers! Trust you’re all keeping safe. It’s been an interesting first quarter and we are grateful for your support.

A lot has happened in the space of 3 months and we were able to give the community a summary of our activities in January. You can find it here. Moving on to the last two months of the first quarter.


For this month, we will look at a couple of community events ranging from Voice chats to Twitter spaces.

We kicked off the month of February with an educational series titled Career Opportunities in Blockchain which featured a number of professionals across Product design, Web3, NFT and more, who shared with the community, the best practices to help anyone secure a career in the crypto space. Here’s a link to the first announcement. The aim of this series was to contribute to the mass adoption of Blockchain technology by showing young people that they can be who they want to be, even in the Blockchain industry. Education is proven to be the best way to go about this hence, the launch of the series.

We recognize the efforts of members of our community who contribute to the Beam community’s growth by constantly supporting and representing us through engagements and participation.

Some more input from the ambassadors: Here is an interesting article by Samuel Andrew titled — The Rising Need For Privacy ( Financial Security) Adoption


  • Why Privacy Matters: A Twitter space with BeamCTO to discuss the importance of privacy among other hot topics like Web3, NFT and the Metaverse. If you missed it, click here to listen to the recording.
  • Understanding DeFi: We had one of our Ambassadors from Nigeria — Victor Amaechi — take the stage to talk about the essence of a decentralized financial system. This was held on our Telegram channel.
  • An introduction to BeamX DAO written by our Nigerian Ambassador; Samuel Andrew. Read here.
  • A big shoutout to Cryptee for always delivering on our ambassador merch.
  • To end the month, we had another exciting Twitter space featuring the Beam Outreach Lead; Niran and the Founder of CryptoHillz; Hillary Azubuike. This roundtable discussion was centred around Decentralized Governance, hosted by Scarlet. Click to listen to the recording.

To our dear community, partners and supporters, thank you for your continued support.

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