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Beam Africa Community Update: Q2 Summary

Hello, Beamers!

We’re pleased to bring you our Q2 Update for 2022. We have a lot to pack into this update, including the just concluded Hard Fork which brought with it many exciting features, so make sure you read to the end!

But if you’re short on time, check out our summary below:

Tl; Dr:

It’s been an interesting second quarter and we are grateful for your support.

1. Ambassador onboarding across 5 countries

We embarked on a brutal hunt for the best representatives for Beam in the African region. This led us to hire a team of 13 new ambassadors who were spread across Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria and South Africa. The ambassador role has been reopened for this quarter. We are looking to grow our Ghana community so feel free to send in your referrals via this link.

An image from our last ambassador-led meetup in Uganda

2. Friends of Beam

We took out time to recognize and celebrate Beamers who publicly identified with Beam through their bio. Read the announcement here. This new quarter we have gathered another round of special individuals to join the league of the Friends of Beam. Stick around for the update.

3. Friday Game Day launched

Since its inception, Friday Game Day has proven to be one initiative Beamers looks out for. It consists of various gamified activities ranging from puzzles, scrabble words, riddles, etc. Want to be a part of the next one, stay tuned to our Twitter every Friday.

4. Shop and Pay in $Beam. Available at your fingertips

One of our finest ambassadors, Royal, created a video showcasing Pay in Beam which is a platform that enables businesses and merchants to accept $Beam as a means of payment for their products and services. Check out the video here. Follow this link to access the Pay in Beam web page.

5. Learn with Beam

Another initiative launched was Learn with Beam. Learn with Beam is an Educational Program hosted on Beam Africa Telegram chat and Twitter spaces every Wednesday and Thursday to educate community members about the Blockchain, Beam ecosystem, Privacy, Web3 and career opportunities in the Space. In attendance will be industry leaders across the space. The time frame for the session is 45 mins from 7:00–7:45 pm WAT.

6. Beam Privacy Podcast. Listen on your favourite platform

The Beam Privacy Twitter spaces took a new turn when Niran, the community lead for Beam Outreach set up a podcast account for all of Beam’s spaces. Now you can stream and listen to new and old spaces to stay informed of what Beam is working on at any time, on your favourite platforms. Don’t forget to subscribe.

7. We got Forked!

Ladies and gentlemen, we got an upgrade! A most anticipated Hard Fork took place on the 24th of June at block 1,820,000 which brought several amazing features and improvements. We have now been ushered into the age of confidential DeFi. Read all about it here.

8. Meme Competition and referral contest

To round off the quarter, we executed a community request by hosting a Meme Competition. After 2 weeks, 6 winners with the best memes were drawn from the community vote and awarded 2000 Beam. The referral contest is still ongoing. Feel free to participate and share in the prize pool of 2000 Beam. Here is a link to join the referral contest.

What’s in the pipeline for the new quarter:

~ Weekly Twitter spaces

~ More rewarding competitions

~ More ambassador hires

~ Community events

To our dear community, partners and supporters, thank you for your continued support.

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