Beam Africa Is Official! Meet the Team, Their Goals and the Mission

Agbona Igwemoh
Oct 11, 2019 · 7 min read

What makes Beam such an amazing project? is it the tech, the implementation of the Mimblewimble protocol? Or is it the world-class core team it has? Or maybe it is the privacy-centric dedicated community that love the project dearly. It could be any of these, or maybe it is the Beam ambassadors around the globe, who keep spreading awareness about the Beam project in their locality.

I believe it is the combination of all of these important factors that makes Beam one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies out there.

Speaking about the Beam ambassadors, that are individuals with vital skill sets, interests and knowledge who advocate for privacy in the various locality around the globe, hereby promoting Beam. The role they play in building a sustainable community cannot be overlooked, as they are an important piece in Beam’s jigsaw.

Being the Beam Ambassador for Lagos, Nigeria has been crucial in my understanding of the inner workings of crypto and it’s communities. For the better part of the last year, Beam has had several meet-ups, and webinars in Lagos, Nigeria. Also, Beam has been present at several other 3rd party events.

In the data-driven world we live in today, the need for financial privacy is important, especially in Africa where oppressive governments still rule. It is dangerous to have our financial transactions out in the open.

The African people need to be in control of their financial sovereignty, and it is with pride we introduce Beam, a confidential cryptocurrency implemented on the Mimblewimble protocol to the African continent.

Beam Africa is an initiative powered by the Beam ambassador program with the sole purpose of bringing about the mass adoption of Beam within the African continent. New ambassadors have been recruited around the African continent to bolster our ranks, and the mission is simple “use all disposable resources in achieving our goals of bringing financial sovereignty to the African people”.

We hope our activities will bring about a positive change in the continent which has endured a troubled history. Cryptocurrency is changing lives in Africa, and we believe Beam has a role to play as well. In a previous article, we highlighted some of the ways Beam can bring about a positive change in the continent. We will keep exploring ways through which we can take Beam to the African masses.

The goal of the mission is simple, bring about the mass adoption of Beam across the African continent. Getting Beam listed on local crypto-exchanges where locals can easily buy Beam in exchange for their local currencies is one the most important objectives. First making Beam easily accessible across the continent, then charting a course to access the people of the different countries in Africa.

This will be done in two phases:

Phase One: We need to intensify our activities in our stronghold nation — Nigeria. We recently recruited two new ambassadors to this effect. Then create a presence in other Africa countries for the first time. We also have new ambassadors in Accra, Ghana and Kampala, Uganda.

Phase Two: This will see us intensify our presence in Ghana and Uganda, and further strengthen our hold in Nigeria. We will make an entrance into Kenya, Rwanda, Benin Republic and possibly South Africa. And from there on, we build on previous successes.

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Metrics: So, how can we tell if our activities with Beam Africa project is a success or failure? There will be KPIs to measure impact. Impacts such as wallet downloads, website visits, vanity metrics on social media, telegram community engagement level and amount of Beam held and traded within the region.

Modus Operandi

There are some rules of engagement while carrying out our duties. The goal is to create awareness for the Beam project across Africa, which should translate to the purchase and trade of Beam tokens as a means of storing and transferring value.

We’ve highlighted some of the ways we will achieve the Mass adoption of Beam in Africa:

Social Media activities: The median age in Africa is 19.4, which simply means that Africa has a youthful population. Young Africans are big on social media, and it will be our goal to be present on all the popular social media channels, for maximum visibility. In recent times, internet penetration has been great, thanks to affordable mobile devices.

The goal here is to market to people that are both familiar and unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies, with the use of articles, tweets, videos and images.

Offline Events: Nothing beats the effect of offline events in the crypto space, and the same thing is applicable in Africa. There are periodic events that hold regularly around Africa, these events attract the people within the crypto-space and techies in general. It will be our duty to:

  • Organize Beam Meet-ups. This has long been part of the marketing strategy of Beam, and it has been instrumental in the creation of the Beam community that exists today
  • Attend 3rd party meetups and conferences, where we talk to people about Beam, and why it is the leading privacy coin in the market today. If the opportunity arises, address the audience about Beam and also get interviewed. This will be crucial in expanding the Beam community on the continent.
  • Creating content around these activities is super crucial, as it will give an insight into the ambassador’s activities, and it will be great content as well

Content Creation & Moderation: A very crucial part of our effort is to create our privacy-centric local content for the African people. In ways that Africans can understand and identify with, this will educate the people on Beam. Based on that understanding, they can trade Beam and can decide to go further by developing projects on the Beam blockchain

We will create content with the hope of educating and enlightening Africans about Beam and cryptocurrency in general. We will write articles, make simple explainer videos, share images and translate articles to local languages.

We also have plans of creating a Podcasts with the hope of educating people more about Beam and cryptocurrencies.

The Beam Africa team is a small unit of individuals with the right skill set, interests and experience to bring value to the Beam community.

Members of this new crew were carefully selected and it is our belief that together, we can achieve our objectives and do great things for the African people and Beam Privacy.

Agbona Igwemoh: Being a tech entrepreneur with experience in marketing and management, Agbona will serve as the Beam Africa team lead. As one of Beam’s long-serving ambassadors, Agbona understands Beam’s philosophy, and the goal we are trying to achieve at Beam. He will be charged with operations, management and co-ordinating the Beam Africa project.

He will work hand-in-hand with the other ambassadors around Africa in creating sustainable communities in their respective locality.

Adeniran Olusegun: Being an IT specialist with key experience in various sectors involving tech, Niran is set to be the first Beam miner in the continent. Once he successfully sets up his mining rig, he will help us in creating content in the form of short video tutorials, articles, and webinars on “cost-effective ways of mining Beam in Africa”. He will also help in various forms of community-building activities.

Wisdom Augustine: Currently an undergraduate college student at one of the leading universities in Southern Nigeria. Wisdom who is a competent copywriter and graphic designer will help in creating content, moderating our Telegram group, and manage our Twitter handle. He will also be involved in organising meet-ups and hackathons within his university and other parts in the Southern part of Nigeria.

George Pro: Is Beam’s first-ever ambassador in Accra, Ghana. In the past, he worked with Dash Africa. George will be helping us establish contacts with local exchanges in Ghana, as well as creating and translating content to the local dialect. George will help in organizing Beam meet-ups, as well as attending 3rd party meet-ups within his region.

Ahimbisibwe Brian: Is a passionate believer in cryptocurrency as a vehicle for change in Africa, and he is willing to play a role in bringing about financial sovereignty in the continent. Brian will help in the translation of Beam articles to local languages, as well as represent Beam at 3rd party meet-ups.

Are you passionate about cryptocurrencies and Beam?
Do you work and live in Nairobi (Kenya), Kigali (Rwanda), or Port-Novo (Benin Republic). Join our ambassador program today!

We are super excited for the journey ahead in taking Beam to the African people. And we would love you to join us and stay updated with our progress.

Come discover Beam and join our community today!

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