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Beam Africa Monthly Community Update: August Edition.

Covering Beam Africa community activities between 4th August — 3rd September 2020.

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August’s Highlights

Welcome to yet another epic monthly community update from the stables of the African sub-community of the Beam project. Since the launch of the Africa sub-community, August was one of the project’s most successful month in terms of engagement, growth and impact. A huge thanks to the amazing team of ambassadors, and the ever-growing African community.

There were several highlights during the month, but the most notable was the Introduction to Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Class hosted by one of our African Ambassadors popularly known as Groot. The free crypto class held in the Beam Africa WhatsApp group, which saw over 150 people joined both the WhatsApp and Telegram community. We consider this endeavour to be a remarkable success in every sense.


Ask Me Anything (AMA) Sessions

During the course of the month, the Beam Africa team were engaged with 2 AMA sessions, involving other 3rd party crypto communities. The first AMA series was with the Kenyan based cryptocurrency Academy community, with featured Angus Sullivan, the Head of Communities for Beam. You can read all about how the conversation between Gus and the host went in a medium post prepared shortly after the session here.

The Beam Africa team were involved with the CryptoAfrica community for yet another engaging AMA series. The session was spearheaded by the African Tech Lead, Adeniran Olusegun, while Agbona Igwemoh, the African Lead played a supporting role. You can find the Medium transcript of how the AMA conversation transpired between the host, guests and the community questions here.

Blockchain & Crypto Education

Education is one of the most effective ways of promoting the adoption of Beam, and cryptocurrencies in Africa. With support from the team, Groot was able to organize a free crypto training class where he covered the basics of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

The build-up leading to the event date, while the team was promoting the event, we witnessed a frenzy of newbies joining our various community platforms. This was encouraging and shows how interested Africans are in understanding and learning about cryptocurrency.

The sessions held on Beam Africa WhatsApp community, and it proved to be a success, as several participants gave positive feedback and the ensuing interactions were astonishing.

To make a lasting impression, Groot took things further and turned texts from his class into a series of artwork designs, and together he compiled an e-book which will be launched on Sunday, the 6th of September. The e-book will be sent to interested participants who signed up to receive it.

Community Activities, Content and More

Without a doubt, Beam Africa is the most active and engaging sub-community on the Beam project. And this down to the team of Africa ambassadors who create amazing content on a regular basis to engage the community. This also stretches beyond content creation and engagement, as the team also collaborate with other African crypto communities while promoting Beam and cryptocurrency on the African continent.

Here are some amazing community events that ensue in August:

  • Our African ambassador popularly known as Groot, makes an interesting graphic thread on Twitter about some facts about Beam, and if Bitcoin is truly anonymous
  • We had the second edition of the Beam Hunt contest, which was spearheaded by Niran
  • Members of the Beam Africa community were well represented in the official Beam Community Call as Alex Romanov, Beam’s Tech Lead presented a draft of the roadmap to the entire Beam community
  • Scarlet creates an exciting video tutorial on how to change node in the Beam mobile wallet. She also created two articles on how to switch to dark mode on the Beam mobile wallet, and how she spent her time during the Covid-19 lockdown period
  • Join the ongoing Beam>Monero Meme contest, and start the chance of winning over 1200 Beam in prizes. There are several amazing entries already!

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