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Beam Africa Writing Competition

Hello Africa!

We are pleased to announce the kick-off of a Writing Competition. This competition is open to writers from the African and non-African communities. Although entries from the African community will be considered first, applications from non-Africans will receive unbiased vetting and a chance to win.


The best-in-class privacy blockchain has announced the launch of new products and features for the ecosystem. Carry out a research on these announcements and highlight each of them stating their benefits to DeFi and Beamers.

With a minimum of 500 words, write an article describing the above.


Prize distribution:

First Prize: 100 Beam; Second Place: 60 Beam; Third Place: 50 Beam; Fourth and Fifth Place; 20 Beam each.

Rules of participation:

  • The article must be original
  • The article must be engaging and creative
  • The article must include citations from relevant Beam publications
  • All entries will be evaluated on clarity, including grammar and spelling
  • Articles with accompanying images will be better considered
  • No person may submit more than one entry. Duplicates will be disqualified.

Rules of submission:

  • All articles must be written on with the following tags: #Beam #privacy #DeFi #Leo #Competition
  • All articles must include a link to Beam Africa telegram.
  • All entries must be shared on Twitter in the following format: “Here is my entry to the Beam Africa Writing Competition:”. Tag @beam_africa on Twitter with the hashtag: #Beam #BAWC and any other tags.
  • All articles should be submitted on the Leo finance platform on or before 22nd October using the subject line “Beam Africa Writing Competition” followed by the title of your article.

Best of luck. And may the force be with you!



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