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Beam Africa Writing Competition

Hello Africa!

We are pleased to announce the kick-off of a Writing Competition. This competition is open to writers from the African and non-African communities. Although entries from the African community will be considered first, applications from non-Africans will receive unbiased vetting and a chance to win.


The best-in-class privacy blockchain has announced the launch of new products and features for the ecosystem. Carry out a research on these announcements and highlight each of them stating their benefits to DeFi and Beamers.

With a minimum of 500 words, write an article describing the above.


Prize distribution:

First Prize: 100 Beam; Second Place: 60 Beam; Third Place: 50 Beam; Fourth and Fifth Place; 20 Beam each.

Rules of participation:

Rules of submission:

Best of luck. And may the force be with you!



About Beam Privacy and the way this privacy-centric coin could enhance financial sovereinty in Africa

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