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Beam Buddies/Outreach Hangout. A Recap!

The Beam Outreach community witnessed her first hangout on the 15th of May, Hosted by Scarlet, and featured the Beam Africa lead; Agbona as a Guest. In attendance were the distinguished members of the African and Outreach Community.

We started the hangout with a brief introduction to the Beam Outreach Community. Then the Guest of the hangout was introduced to the community and the next section began.

Guest vs. Host

Host: About Beam Outreach:

BOC for short is a community-driven initiative designed to promote the adoption of Beam and privacy. The Beam Outreach Community houses individuals with like minds, driven by their love for privacy and the pursuit of a decentralized blockchain financial system. BOC community members earn some RAYS for their efforts in promoting Beam, privacy and everything on the Beam ecosystem.

Host: So Agbona, in your own words, how would you describe the Beam Outreach Initiative?

Guest: A simple community-driven initiative done by the community to promote Beam across all platforms while rewarded with some RAYS for their effort.

Host: Beautiful. What are RAYS?

Guest: So, RAYS are Confidential Assets that are issued on top of the Beam blockchain. This is done by locking a certain amount of Beam (i think 3000 Beam) before the RAYS are issued. RAYS are the Beam Outreach (BOC) platform token, used to incentivize platform participation and activities. It has an immense use case for the future.

Host: Awesome. Just curious when you mentioned Confidential Assets. Does this mean that RAYS is also a privacy token with all the features of the $Beam coin?

Guest: Absolutely! Anything built on top of the Beam Blockchain is confidential by default.

Host: Please share with us some key Tokenomics of this asset

Guest: Well, the intention was for RAYS to be controlled by the community so the tokenomics, what will be spent etc, will be decided by the community. That’s why we need more people to get involved with Beam Outreach because it is the community members that will give it value.

Right now, I think the total supply of RAYS is about 10,000,000, and we (the community) can decide how it is spent etc.

Host: Cool. This means the community has the ability to decide to burn some of it, add more use cases to it, etc. Amazing!

Guest: Yep! And all of this can be voted on the Forum once it goes live.

Host: Is there an ETA to this?

Guest: It’s currently being worked on by a community member — @vsnation

Host: To my final question Agbona. How do we get started with the Outreach? What kind of activities can a person perform to be rewarded with RAYS?

Guest: It’s simple.

1. Create an account on

2. Think of anything you can do to promote Beam, be it making a tweet, video, writing an article, get more inspiration here ( ignore the points, this is meant to give you an idea of what you can do that can be considered valuable.

3. then create a task stating that you’re going to do something for Beam e.g (I’ll write an article about BeamX ( and submit it, it will show as “PENDING”

4. After writing the article, you go to that same tasks and update it with the link to your article the status will change from “Pending” to “Complete”

5. You’ll be eligible to enter the monthly voting cycle, where you could win up to 5000 RAYS.

The second Way is by completing bounties.

Host: Thank you Agbona. You are now free to take questions from the community.

Guest vs. Community

Question: Can we also create memes too?

Guest: If there’s an ongoing bounty for the meme creation, follow the steps above and create your meme to claim the bounty. Also, keep your eyes open for some weekly competition such as influencer of the week and many more will be coming soon.

Question: How then do we now sensitize other communities with like minds (value chain communities) that can further push RAYS thus gaining more value whilst we strategies on sustainable growth. Just curious

Guest: Easy, reach out to the leader/admin of such communities, offer them the opportunity to have a collaborative engagement with Beam via BOC, and dm me for this, we’ll make it happen together.

It is a community movement.

Question: It was a good conversation. Thank you for the information. Applications on BEAM Blockchain were also discussed.

I am really curious about RAYS because is it a trading tool running on the Beam Blockchain or a token that is critical for all applications on the blockchain?

Guest: Great questions.

RAYS is simply a platform token for Beam Outreach, that is its purpose, although it can morph into something else in the future, for the now, it is BOC-centric

You can view RAYS on Beam’s explorer


Beam Buddies Hangouts — BBH — are always a time of fun and learning for the community. This episode was no different. You are, therefore, invited to join us for upcoming episodes in our African community. Also, join the Beam Outreach community to participate in rewarding activities such as this.

For more information about Beam, do check out the links below:

Visit the website here, also check out the FAQ section here

Download the sleek wallet here

Join the African community on Telegram

Follow Beam Africa, and Beam on Twitter.




About Beam Privacy and the way this privacy-centric coin could enhance financial sovereinty in Africa

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