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My COVID-19 Checklist

The coronavirus pandemic has birthed a lot of opportunities and paved the way for the adoption of new lifestyles and habits to our once “normal” society. What we had as an “everyday life” has been overtaken by a whole new lifestyle that is mostly remote and threatens our social life as humans. In all these, I’ve remained on top of my game thanks to the fact that I’m used to working remotely and… ..I’m kinda shy in person so I did not, did not feel the global shift.

I’m also aware that there are some who are not like me. People who have found it difficult to get in sync with the new way of living. For the sake of this set, I’ve compiled a list which I have called a Covid-19 Checklist. I’ll share it with you all in a bit. Stay with me!

First, check out my latest video for Beam Africa .

So, here’s my COVID-19 Checklist:

Adopt these as a survival strategy and see how quickly you adapt to the new system.

  1. Stay updated on COVID-19 news

Keep up to date with the latest research and information about COVID-19. Updates on confirmed coronavirus cases, deaths and discharged patients, and all the latest news from Africa and across the world are important for your safety. That is the only way to get proper information about the virus, mode of transmission, governmental rules, new conditions of movement, progress on a vaccine and healthy habits that can keep you safe from the pandemic.

2. Stay safe and healthy

This is a very important aspect of the checklist. Staying safe at home and living healthy is of utmost importance to your survival. If you don’t abide by the rules of social distance, you are at risk of contracting the virus. Healthy habits such as eating healthy foods that are high in vitamins, cleanliness and good personal hygiene are advised.

3. Work from home

It’s a lockdown. Where are you going to? Work? You should find a way to do that from home or your employer provides a means for you to do so. If your job is neither “essential” nor capable of being done from home, there are loads of remote jobs you can find on the internet and apply for. From blogging to copywriting, web design to digital marketing, coding and programming, to mention a few. Find a way to work remotely!.

Also, take advantage of the available in Beam Africa which will expose you to opportunities in the crypto space and help you build a personal brand for yourself.

4. Don’t forget to buy Beam

Now this is important. As important as life itself. Buying Beam is an investment in your future. As a privacy coin moving to confidential DeFi, Beam is scalable and usable. You can take advantage of your time at home to buy Beam just like I did, and trade it for profit. Here’s an article I made on how to earn Beam. It contains . Also read my analogy of So, if you ever decide to opt for crypto, choose Beam; the platform that truly gives you total control of your privacy.

5. Study to stay informed

Don’t just sit at home doing nothing but eat, sleep and get fat. You heard that right! Invest a few minutes per day to study any kind of material to exercise and keep your brain active. You’ll be doing yourself a lot of good in two good ways. First, you’d be staying updated with current world trends and secondly, your medulla (brain) will remain active to keep you smart and ready for work when the pandemic is over.

Therefore, read books, watch entertaining video contents online, hangout with us at community every weekend for exciting activities such as our Beam Buddies Hangout, Beam Hunt and engaging AMA’s. Also, visit to learn more about Beam.

6. Exercise and stay fit

I believe that I don’t need to overemphasize the importance of exercise. If you exercise your brain, you should also exercise your body to stay fit. The fitness of your body contributes to strengthen your thinking capacity. Plus, you wouldn’t want to resume your usual outdoor activities looking like a big sack of Dumplings, would you?

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