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On Beam’s Atomic Swap

What it is

Imagine an ecosystem designed for the exchange of cryptocurrency assets in a decentralized, confidential, fast, competitive and efficient network.

Beam’s Atomic swap can be used to exchange/swap $Beam for BTC, LTC, QTUM, DASH, DOGE and vice versa. More assets such as ETH to be listed in the coming months. With the atomic swap, you no longer need to withdraw your Beam to exchanges before you can swap them. Now, you can perform your asset swaps within the secure Beam wallet.

There are alternative means to swap Beam to other cryptocurrencies but I will not dwell on them as this post is focused on the Atomic Swap. However, I’ll drop their links here for you to check them out later.

First, there is Beam4me which was developed by the amazing Vsnation as a platform for swapping Beam to BTC. Presently, BTC is the only listed coin on Beam4me.

Another means of swapping your coins is through exchanges. Beam is listed on Binance, and other major exchanges across the globe. You will find a list of all of them HERE.

Now to the Atomic swap process….

I have simplified the entire process in just 8 steps using an infographic. My case study here is BTC for a BEAM/BTC swap. Check it out!.

NOTE: Atomic swaps are only available in the desktop wallet presently. Visit to get started.

For more information about Beam, do check out the links below:

Visit the website here, also check out the FAQ section here

Download the sleek wallet here

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Follow Beam Africa, and Beam on Twitter.



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