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Privacy and Coffee

Hello Beamers!

It’s been a very smooth journey for me into the privacy space and I’m certain it has been an exciting one for you too. In the past three years, we’ve witnessed the transitioning of Blockchain from one phase to another. The latest being the DeFi phase. Questions have arisen as to whether the world is ready for DeFi or not. From all indications, the world is ready and set to launch into a Decentralized Financial system.

Before I delve into the details of DeFi and the role of Confidential DeFi, pour yourself a hot cup of coffee, sit back and allow me to walk you through what DeFi is and what it means to achieve in this space.

Coffee Break!


What is DeFi?

‘DeFi’ stands for Decentralized Finance. It is a system that promotes the use of decentralized networks and open-source software to create multiple types of financial services and products.

Functions of DeFi in Blockchain

The following are notable functions of DeFi. Viz;

  1. To create efficient banking services such as the issuance of Stablecoins.
  2. To provide a platform for P2P borrowing and lending
  3. To enable advanced financial instruments such as DEX, tokenization platforms, derivatives and predictions markets.

These are three (3) major functions of DeFi. There are a lot more benefits and opportunities that a DeFi system provides.

Basically, DeFi aims to shift the traditional centralised financial products to the open-source and decentralized world, which removes the need for intermediaries, increases transaction efficiency, reduces overall costs, and greatly improves security. What a shift!.

What promises does Beam’s Confidential DeFi hold for the world?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome the world into a new word in DeFi; BEAM. Beam’s move to confidential DeFi adds the missing letters to DeFi. Imagine having access to the above benefits plus, Confidentiality, Scalability, further Usability, Lightning Payments and Confidential Stablecoins to hedge your trades against market volatility. Beam’s confidential DeFi brings to the table a sustained privacy system.

Are you yet to join the wagon? Remember the early bird advantage. Join our amazing community to witness firsthand, the gradual unveiling of Beam’s roadmap into Confidential DeFi. There are a lot of fun activities going on daily in our African community. Come join us and don’t forget your cup. We have plenty of coffee to keep you warm to DeFi.

Check out the links below:

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