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Unveiling RAYS

RAYS is a confidential asset (CA) issued on the Beam blockchain, with support from the Beam Foundation for the Beam Outreach Community Initiative.

$RAYS is a token awarded to Beam supporters for performing different roles and carrying out activities aimed at promoting Beam to the world through the Beam Outreach platform.

Beam Outreach Community — BOC

BOC is a community-driven initiative designed to promote the adoption of Beam and privacy. The Beam Outreach Community houses individuals with like minds, driven by their love for privacy and the pursuit of a decentralized blockchain financial system. BOC community members earn some RAYS for their efforts in promoting Beam, privacy and everything on the Beam

Currently, the BOC platform is still in its early days, with a few members of the community helping in the development, promotions and testing. The long term goal is to have it fully ran by the community, hopefully, we might see a governance DAO spring out of BOC sometime in the future.

How BOC Works

  • Get Started: Sign up to the Beam Outreach with your Telegram handle, and a username. The BOC platform will send a code that you need to verify using the BeamBot
  • Get Shit Done: Create a task you wish to achieve, from the list of the existing tasks which guarantees some points during the monthly voting system. The goal is to have a community of Beam and privacy supporters who are willing to take action in promoting Beam and the ecosystem
  • Engage: Vote and provide feedback on efforts completed by other community members
  • Lead: Based on your contribution, there’ll be a place for you on the leaderboard, the higher your engagement level, the higher your place on the leaderboard!

This is BOC where you have fun promoting Beam and get rewarded with some RAYS. Check out some of the unique features of the platform in the image below.

You have shilled Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies probably for free, but never got the recognition. Now is your chance to shill Beam to the world and not only earn the community token, but you also get to decide what goes and what stays. Want in? Join Us.


Token Name: RAYS

Token Symbol: RAYS

RAYS smallest unit name: Flicker

RAYS smallest unit: 0.00000001 RAYS

Total Supply: 10,000,000



Issuer: Beam Foundation

For more information about Beam, do check out the links below:

Visit the website here, also check out the FAQ section here

Download the sleek wallet here

Join the African community on Telegram

Follow Beam Africa, and Beam on Twitter.



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