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Confidential DeFi Platform and Cryptocurrency

Release Date: 20th May

Download Fierce Fermion 6.0

Beam 6.0 Release Notes

TL;DR Release Highlights:

  • Shaders (a.k.a. Smart Contracts) are paving the way to Confidential DeFi. Expect multiple Decentralised Applications (DAPPs) executed in Beam Nodes and Wallets.
  • The hard fork to enable Shaders will take place at block 1280000. To continue using your funds please upgrade your wallets prior to reaching the height!
  • Confidential Assets have arrived in the Beam Desktop Wallet! Send and receive with regular or max privacy, get payment proofs, see the balance and extended info: we’ve covered pretty much everything to help CAs become first-class citizens.
  • Massive update with over 180 tasks and…

Beam, a layer one privacy blockchain, is bringing confidentiality to the DeFi space. 2M USD funding has been secured to enable private DeFi building blocks such as AMM, LP, staking, algorithmic stable coin and more.

Multiple institutional and individual investors participated in the first round, including Collider Ventures, Altonomy, LionsChain, Alternity Capital, Youbi Capital, AirSpeed18, Bering Waters, Taureon, Patrick Dai, Winslow Strong, Ivo Georgiev and others.

This goes hand in hand with a governance decentralization from Beam Foundation to BeamX DAO. The DAO will be governed by BEAMX, one of the first Confidential Assets on the blockchain.

It’s been a while since our previous update from September 2020 where the road to Confidential DeFi was primarily announced. BEAM has made a lot of progress since taking 2021 and we’re proud to finally share with you what’s next for Beam.

Lots of fancy-schmancy pics will follow — sit back and soothe your eyes.

The most important Hard Fork at height 1,280,000 that brings confidential Smart Contracts to Beam blockchain has been completed successfully as announced earlier. No consensus was changed.

As during the previous forks, most of Team Beam was online at the time of the time, constantly monitoring the health of the network and prepared for any contingency.

While the Fork was VERY smooth it was a moment of suspense when block 1,279,999 was mined and the team was waiting to see the post-fork block 1,280,000 appear. When it happened, it was a moment of joy and pride for the team.


Release Date: 8th June


  • Fixed Beam Virtual Machine transaction processing for ARM processors

Known limitations:

  • When using active laser beam channels the CLI wallet should not be offline for over 24 hours
  • Once generated, do not offer the same offline address to multiple senders of payments

Points to mention:

  • The DAPPs will become ready to use when the hard fork height is reached.
  • Upon using Atomic Swaps with ETH, DAI, WBTC, and USDT, users will have to create an account on Infura.
  • After the hard fork LelantusMW transaction fees will only be paid on UTXO outputs, with no fee for UTXO inputs. …

Release Date: 5th June

TL;DR Release Highlights:

  • The hard fork will take place at block 1280000. To continue accessing your funds please upgrade your wallets prior to reaching the height!


  • Send and Receive screens became simple to use, thanks to every community member who pushed us to rework the address-related logic
  • Selecting a node looks nicer now and so too the blockchain sync process

Points to mention:

  • Fees for general (Mimblewimble) transactions will increase to 100k Groth. This increase is in order to protect against the threat of spam attacks, whilst keeping the fee minimal for users.

Known limitations:

  • Once generated, do not offer the same offline address…


From November 2019 Beam took a major step towards decentralization by moving from a centralized company structure to Beam Foundation. Currently, following the release of the 6.0 Fierce Fermion version, Beam is getting ready for the next step — gradual delegation of the governance to BeamX DAO.

Beam 6.0 is a hard fork version that will be released in the middle of May and will become active on block 1280000, approximately on June 13th, 2021. The most important upgrade of this fork is the addition of a Beam Virtual Machine (BVM) as an infrastructure to create Smart Contracts (a.k.a. Shaders)…

Beam is building a confidential DeFi ecosystem to enable decentralized apps (DAPPs) for a range of use-cases from governance and voting to financial instruments such as trading, lending and stablecoins. Let’s dive into what BeamX entails.

When paying for something in the fiat world, it is not customary to flash the entire contents of your wallet. We all love crypto for facilitating borderless trading and fast payments. But one thing that is severely lacking is the control over the visibility of our funds, made especially difficult with major blockchains displaying publicly the addresses, holdings, and balances. No trader, investor or VC benefits from exposing their entire portfolio for public scrutiny.

Not only coins but transactions are public too, therefore any observer can see the funds sent and received, the times’ transactions took place and the parties…

Anonymity is considered to be one of the cornerstones of the cryptocurrency market and blockchain technology in general. Yet, in most cases, when you want to trade crypto for profit or simply convert one coin to another, you have to forget about anonymity. As a rule, exchanges that facilitate crypto trading require signing up and verifying user identity through the KYC procedure.

There are exceptions to this rule and LetsExchange is one of them, allowing you to trade your coins instantly, without the need to provide any data but the info needed to process the transaction.

Zero Custody, 100% Anonymity

BEAM Privacy

Confidential DeFi Platform and Cryptocurrency

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